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Shreveport Product Liability Lawyers

Defective auto parts are like a time bomb just waiting to go off when you least expect it. At the law firm of Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers, our experience allows us to carefully analyze and effectively pursue a claim on your behalf with skill, knowledge and dedication to recovering financial compensation for your loss.

Defective auto parts cause accidents, breakdowns, and collateral damage to other parts in your vehicle. The costs associated with a defective auto part can be enormous. You should not hesitate to obtain the quality legal guidance you need!

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Taking Legal Action After Your Injury

When an automotive part in your vehicle is defective, it can be an extremely dangerous situation. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a defective auto part malfunction, please call us today for a free initial consultation of your case. Our Shreveport product liability lawyers can thoroughly investigate your claim with the substantial resources we have available as a law firm which focuses on all product liability matters. Our team will personally meet with you, either at our offices or at your home if you wish, and hear your side of the story.
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Understanding Your Rights as a Consumer

The devastating effects of defective auto parts malfunctioning should not be yours to face alone. Products are rushed to market every day after seemingly passing government tests and standards, yet still fail in their intended use. When this occurs, the manufacturer is often held liable and must compensate those who have been affected.

Typically, auto parts manufacturers will issue a recall on those parts. But unfortunately, recalls usually don’t get initiated until it is too late, and someone has already been injured. Taking on the vast resources of legal representation that the automotive industry has requires knowledge, skill and experience.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn why our product liability attorneys have been rated by their peers as some of the best lawyers in Louisiana and Shreveport.

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