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1 Dead At 49ers Stadium Construction Site

Tragedy At Niner’s New Stadium

The San Francisco Giants new stadium has been under construction in Santa Clara, California and according reports a worker was killed after being involved in an elevator accident while on the job. This $1.3 billion site is said to be opened in 2014 as it is still in the process of being built. The individual who died in the elevator accident was not a full time employee of the construction company running the stadium project, Turner-Devcon, rather he was a subcontractor who worked as an employee for the Schindler Elevator Corp., instead.

Tuner-Devcon’s project co-director, Robert Rayborn, claims that the accident happened inside one of the 14 different elevator shafts located a the stadium site, however they are very uncertain as to what may have led to the incident in the first place. Rayborn claims that during a given work day here are at least 1,000 employees on site working and it most cases there are very few accidents which occur, let alone ones with serious injury or death. At this time the construction company is cooperating with the California Occupational Safety and Health Administrating (OSHA) who is in charge of investigating the cause of the tragedy.

Rayborn explains that employee safety is of the utmost priority and because of that they sent everyone home until his investigation is completed, because they never aim to place an employee in harm’s way. Workplace accidents and death are not uncommon, though they are a likely result if the negligent actions of another person or entity. While there are little details released for this incident, it is very possible that an employer was negligent in some way or that the devices being used for the project somehow malfunctioned. Contact a trusted Shreveport injury attorney if your loved one has lost their life recently in a construction or workplace accident.

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