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One mistake may be all it takes to cause horrific motorcycle wrecks. When that happens, riders and others can be left with devastating injuries and lifelong trauma.

At Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers, we are dedicated to helping crash survivors and families recover. With more than 20 years’ experience, our 5-star motorcycle accident lawyers know how to win when it matters most. We handle all types of motorcycle accident cases, from the simple to the complex, providing unparalleled advocacy in and outside the courtroom.

Whenever you need answers and exceptional representation, we’re here for you, ready to help 24/7. Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers has recovered millions in all types of motorcycle accident cases. Your claim and recovery could be our next victory.

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What Causes Motorcycle Accidents?

Most motorcyclists hurt and killed on the roads are harmed by some type of negligence. That can include the careless or reckless actions of other motorists, automakers, motorcycle companies, vehicle equipment manufacturers, and/or others.

Here are some of the most common ways negligence often contributes to motorcycle wrecks.

Motorist Negligence
Roadway travelers are not always careful, attentive, sober, or responsible when navigating the roads. That may include passenger vehicle drivers and truckers, as well as bus drivers, other motorcyclists, and others on the roads. When motorist negligence causes motorcycle accidents, it usually means oversights, bad choices, or performance errors behind the wheel. Specifically, that tends to look like:
  • Speeding or traveling too fast for the conditions Impaired driving or riding
  • Driver distraction
  • Driver fatigue
  • Tailgating (not leaving enough space between vehicles)
  • Failing to check blind spots
  • Running red lights or stop signs
  • Failing to yield the right-of-way
To figure out if motorist negligence was involved in your motorcycle crash, you may need to look at evidence like pictures, police reports, crash debris, and more. This is where a motorcycle accident lawyer at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers can provide critical help. We can investigate your crash and determine each negligent party involved.
Vehicle or Motorcycle Equipment Failures

Sometimes, key components on vehicles malfunction, causing drivers or riders to lose control and crash. These equipment failures can impact motorcycles, as well as passenger vehicles, 18-wheelers, and other vehicles on the roads. Generally, this form of negligence tends to cause motorcycle wrecks when:

  • Vital equipment has inherent design flaws.
  • Manufacturers cut corners or improperly install equipment.
  • Vehicle owners and/or motor carriers fail to maintain their vehicles or respond to recalls.

    Cases involving equipment failures tend to be complex, requiring deeper investigations, expert witnesses, and possibly more. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney can, therefore, be invaluable when it’s time to establish liability for equipment defects or failures.
Other Motorcycle Accident Causes

Road and traffic conditions also commonly play a role in motorcycle crashes. In fact, dangerous road conditions can arise due to weather, failures to maintain the roads, or dangerous road design. That could make it more difficult for motorcyclists to safely navigate the roads while potentially limiting other motorists’ ability to see and safely respond to riders.

Similarly, traffic conditions can increase the risk of motorcycle crashes when factors like (but not limited to) the following are at play:

  • Poor visibility
  • Slick roads with little traction
  • Failures to remove debris from the roads
  • Highway work zones, road work, and/or detours

How Are Motorcycle Accidents Different From Car Accidents?

Motorcycle accidents differ from car accidents in several legal considerations:
  • Vulnerability:
    Motorcyclists are more vulnerable to severe injuries due to the lack of structural protection. This can impact the damages sought in a claim.
  • Negligence:
    Motorcyclists are often subject to biases and stereotypes, potentially affecting fault determination. Prejudice against motorcyclists can influence legal proceedings.
  • Insurance Coverage:
    Motorcycle insurance policies may have different coverage limits and exclusions compared to car insurance policies. Understanding the specific coverage is crucial in seeking compensation.
  • Licensing Requirements:
    Motorcycle riders must comply with specific licensing requirements, including obtaining a motorcycle license or endorsement. Failure to meet these requirements may affect liability.
  • Helmet Laws:
    Helmet laws vary by jurisdiction. Compliance or non-compliance with helmet laws can impact liability and damages.
  • Road Conditions:
    Motorcycles may be more affected by road hazards like potholes or uneven surfaces, potentially involving government liability for inadequate maintenance.
  • Visibility and Awareness:
    Due to their smaller size, motorcycles may be less visible to other motorists. Determining fault may involve assessing whether drivers exercised proper caution and awareness.
It’s essential to consult with a motorcycle accident attorney familiar with the laws and nuances specific to your jurisdiction to navigate these legal considerations effectively.

What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

Call 911 ASAP if:
Whether you call 911 or a non-emergency police line, here are some other important steps to take after a motorcycle accident in Louisiana or Texas:
  • 1
    Gather evidence:
    Collect as much information and evidence from the scene as you can. Even if you’re not able to get everything, what you do gather right after a motorcycle crash can help future investigations and a potential case.
  • 2
    Make deliberate, careful statements:
    When you’re talking to anyone other than your attorney about the accident, be aware that your statements could come back to bite you. If you apologize, lie, or misremember facts, for example, any of those slip ups could be used by other drivers, insurance companies, or others to try to blame you for the crash. So, be mindful of your words, and watch what you say, sticking only to the facts.
  • 3
    Get medical attention without delay:
    Don’t risk your injuries getting worse because you’ve put off seeing a doctor. Either get checked out at the accident scene or as soon as you can afterward. This can be pivotal to recovering from your motorcycle accident injuries and establishing damages for a future claim.
  • 4
    Report the motorcycle accident to your insurance company:
    Don’t wait too long to call your insurer and report a motorcycle wreck. Your policy may strictly require you to make this type of report within hours or a couple of days of a wreck. If so, insurance companies may be able to use any reporting failures and missed deadlines against you later.
  • 5
    Find out about a potential motorcycle accident claim:
    Talk to a 5-star motorcycle accident lawyer at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers during a free, no-obligation consultation. This meeting is 100% confidential, and it can give you the chance to learn about your rights, how to seek compensation, and what needs to happen next to get on the path to recovery.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Riders are injured and killed in motorcycle crashes far too often, as the latest statistics show (sources: NHTSA Motorcycle Info & NHTSA Report):

Male attorney on the phone with a client, taking notes

Do I Have a Motorcycle Accident Case?

Being hurt in a motorcycle accident is not enough, on its own, to have a case. To be able to sue after a motorcycle crash, it’s necessary to determine and establish:
  • 1
    This means proving negligence and showing that some party, other than the victim, was primarily or totally at fault for the motorcycle wreck.
  • 2
    This involves showing exactly how a crash has harmed the victim(s). Damages can include physical harm and injuries, economic losses, and psychological trauma.
  • 3
    The statute of limitations has not expired:
    This refers to the filing deadline set by state law. In Louisiana, it’s one year from the date of a crash, the date of injuries being diagnosed, or the date injuries cause death. In Texas, it’s two years (with some exceptions applying in both states).

You’ll need to talk to a motorcycle accident attorney in a free, confidential consultation for a “Yes” or “No” to this question.

When Do I Need to File a Motorcycle Accident Case?

Although state laws can give you months or years to file a case (depending on where you file), it’s usually best to not wait too long to proceed with a case. That’s because:

  • 1
    Swift action can make for stronger claims:
    More evidence and witnesses for a wreck tend to be around right after it’s happened. As time passes, the chances of evidence going missing can rise, especially if negligent parties are expecting victims to sue.
  • 2
    The sooner you file, the sooner you may be able to recover compensation:
    These recoveries can help you pay for medical care and cover living expenses, letting you focus on healing without extra financial stresses.
Photo of helmet and motorcycle on road, having fallen after an accident.

How Can a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Help Me?

The right attorney can help you secure justice and make the at-fault parties pay for the harm they’ve caused you. To do that, a motorcycle accident lawyer can take care of every key aspect of a case, including (but not limited to):
With everything that can be on the line in these cases, the representation, support, and advice of an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can be the key to successful resolutions and full, fair recoveries.

What Does Motorcycle Accident Compensation Cover?

Financial recoveries for motorcycle wreck cases can cover the economic and non-economic losses resulting from a crash. That can mean past and future losses from (but not limited to):
Motorcycle accident compensation may never undo the trauma caused by a wreck. These recoveries, however, can help survivors and families begin to heal and rebuild their lives.

Motorcyle Accident FAQ

After a motorcycle accident, gathering key evidence is crucial. Some important evidence to collect includes:
  • Photos or videos of the accident scene, vehicles involved, and any visible injuries.
  • Contact information of witnesses.
  • Police reports and accident records.
  • Medical records and bills.
  • Repair estimates for the motorcycle.
  • Any relevant surveillance footage or dashcam recordings.
  • Documentation of lost wages or income.
  • Any communication with insurance companies.
  • Expert opinions or accident reconstruction reports, if available.
  • Personal notes detailing the incident.
This evidence can help strengthen your case and support your claim for compensation. Consult with a motorcycle accident lawyer for guidance on specific evidence needs in your situation.
If an insurance company offers you a settlement after a motorcycle accident, it's essential to proceed with caution. Accepting a settlement without careful evaluation can potentially undervalue your claim. Consider consulting with a motorcycle accident lawyer to review the settlement offer, assess the full extent of your damages, and determine if it adequately covers your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and future needs. An experienced attorney can help negotiate on your behalf and ensure you receive fair compensation for your injuries and losses.
In general, the ability to recover damages when partially at fault for a motorcycle accident depends on the jurisdiction's comparative negligence laws. Comparative negligence rules vary by location.
  • In states that follow a pure comparative negligence rule (like Louisiana), you can recover damages even if you were mostly at fault, although the amount may be reduced proportionally.
  • In states with modified comparative negligence rules (like Texas), recovery may be limited if your fault exceeds a certain threshold (often 50% or 51%).
It is important to consult with a local motorcycle accident lawyer who can provide specific guidance based on the laws of your jurisdiction.

An Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Is Ready to Help You 24/7

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