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Neck injuries can be incredibly painful and extremely debilitating. For many, serious neck injuries result in permanent disabilities, which could have been prevented if not for some type of negligence. When that happens, the injured may have legal options to make the negligent parties pay and bring them to justice.

At Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers, we are exceptionally skilled at helping the injured recover when it matters most. Backed by more than 20 years’ experience, our 5-star neck injury lawyers have what it takes to provide fierce, strategic advocacy and win. We are also dedicated to delivering personal, responsive service while working to secure the maximum available recoveries.

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What Are the Different Types of Neck Injuries?

Neck injuries can vary in severity and nature, depending on the trauma involved and the precise location of the injury. Some of the more common types of neck injuries include:
Keep in mind that it’s common for multiple neck injuries to coexist or be “comorbid” with each other. Additionally, neck injuries are often comorbid with other serious conditions, like traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury.

What Causes Most Neck Injuries?

Like many catastrophic injuries, neck injuries are often caused by careless, reckless, and negligent actions. Whether or not those actions are intentional, tend to involve incidents like
  • 1
    Falling accidents
  • 2
    Motor vehicle accidents
  • 3
    Work accidents
  • 4
    Other incidents
The following delves into each cause more, shedding light on how negligence can be involved.
Falling Accidents & Neck Injuries

Falls cause about 2 in every 3 neck injuries resulting from a traumatic event (source: NCBI). These falls can occur on ground level or from elevated areas. In general, those who are most vulnerable to severe and deadly neck injuries after falling are young children and the elderly.


Neck Injuries from Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car crashes, big rig wrecks, motorcycle accidents, and other traffic collisions are the second leading cause of trauma-related neck injuries (source: NCBI). When it comes to motor vehicle accidents and neck injuries, it’s important to understand that:

  • Even relatively minor neck injuries, like whiplash, can have long-term impacts.
  • It doesn’t take a horrific wreck to cause serious neck injuries. Even low-speed crashes that seem fairly minor can leave victims with lasting neck injuries.
  • It can take time for the symptoms of neck injuries to present themselves. Sometimes, the initial shock of a wreck can make it easy to overlook some symptoms of neck injuries.
Neck Injuries in Work Accidents

Another leading cause of neck injuries is occupational accidents. In additional to work-related falls and motor vehicle wrecks, other occupational accidents that commonly result in neck injuries include (and aren’t limited to):

  • Explosions
  • Machinery accidents
  • Crushing accidents
  • Caught-in-between incidents
  • Struck-by incidents

    Work-related neck trauma can also be a repetitive stress injury, meaning repeated neck strain over a period of time ends up damaging the nerves, tendons, muscles, and/or bones in the neck.
Other Neck Injury Causes

In addition to the above, other incidents that may contribute to severe neck injuries can include:

  • Accidents at dangerous properties
  • Incidents caused by equipment malfunctions or product failures
  • Violence or criminal assaults
  • Sports accidents
  • Other events involving negligence

Who Can I Sue Over a Neck Injury?

You may be able to sue all parties whose negligence contributed to your neck injuries. Whether or not you have a case, however, will depend on several factors, including (but not limited to):
  • The statute of limitations:

    How long ago did the accident or diagnosis occur? There is limited time to file a neck injury claim. Louisiana law provides one year while Texas law provides two years. After that, you could lose the right to sue for neck injuries.
  • Liability:

    Who is at fault for the incident that caused the neck injuries? Does the injured party share any liability? If so, (s)he can only sue if some other party is primarily liable. Keep in mind that liability can be challenging to determine. And others may wrongly blame victims for their injuries. So, you cannot rely on what others say about fault when you’re considering suing over neck injuries. It’s best to get your own lawyer who can help you make this determination independently.
  • What you can prove:

    What evidence is available to establish fault and damages related to the neck injury? It can be extremely challenging to sue when there’s no evidence to back up a claim. And the evidence you need won’t be available forever. In fact, it’s not uncommon for at-fault parties to actively get rid of important evidence if they expect a lawsuit.

When Do I Need a Neck Injury Lawyer?

Right now is the perfect time to consult an attorney when you’re asking this question. You also want to contact a lawyer ASAP whenever:
Talking to a neck injury attorney sooner, not later, is always in your best interests because:
  • A lawyer can immediately advise and help you:

    Other parties can be working to defend against your claim, and they may be very skilled at fighting cases just like yours. That could put you at a serious disadvantage if you’re walking into a claim without the same level of experience in your corner.
  • The process can be complex:

    From investigations and discovery to negotiations and beyond, there’s a lot that goes into crafting a persuasive neck injury claim and setting it up for a successful resolution. An attorney will know what to do at each phase while providing the insight and advice victims need to make informed choices at every juncture.
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What Damages Are Covered in Neck Injury Compensation?

Past and future losses that are economic and non-economic in nature can be included in neck injury settlements and awards. These financial recoveries will vary from case to case, and they tend to be far more substantial — and far more difficult to calculate — in claims that involve the most serious neck injuries. In these cases, experts are often needed to help evaluate and verify the impacts, costs, and losses.

Keep in mind that the type of claim matters too and that victims could have more than one neck injury case. For example, those who suffer neck injuries at work could have a workers’ compensation claim and a personal injury case. Compensation from those different claims could vary, with:

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You don’t have unlimited time to seek justice after you or a loved one has suffered neck injuries. And the clock isn’t the only thing you may need to work against. Insurance companies and others could already be laying the foundation to refute your claim.

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