Trey justin hero edit whenever oversights or negligence causes industrial accidents, victims can get essential advice, support, and advocacy from a 5-star industrial injury lawyer at morris & dewett injury lawyers. We are proud to represent injured workers in all types of industrial accident and injury cases, and we have decades of experience winning the toughest cases.


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injured in an industrial accident?

Industrial jobs are teeming with hazards. In fact, these occupations are some of the most dangerous jobs around, carrying high risks of accidents and injuries. Many employers and others recognize these dangers and take the proper precautions to try to prevent industrial injuries. Some do not, however.

Whenever oversights or negligence causes industrial accidents, victims can get essential advice, support, and advocacy from a 5-star industrial injury lawyer at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers. We are proud to represent injured workers in all types of industrial accident and injury cases, and we have decades of experience winning the toughest cases.

No matter the industry or injuries suffered, we are dedicated to helping people just like you navigate the path to compensation and justice — and we are here for you, ready to help 24/7.

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What Is an Industrial Injury?

An industrial injury refers to job-related physical trauma suffered by workers in industrial occupations. Those are generally jobs marked by manual labor, and they can include workers like (but not limited to):

While many industrial accidents result in minor injuries,

the worst can end up causing catastrophic injury, sometimes with dozens of workers getting hurt in a single incident. Those serious accidents tend to cause industrial injuries like (but not limited to)

What Causes Industrial Injuries & Death?

Lax safety protocols, training failures, company culture, and other factors often contribute to industrial accidents and injuries. Most cases, however, involve some type of avoidable negligence and, specifically, at least one of the top 10 safety violations below (source: OSHA):

  • 1
    Failures to provide fall protections
  • 2
    Insufficient communication about job site hazards
  • 3
    Failures to provide respiratory protection
  • 4
    Scaffolding hazards
  • 5
    Ladder safety violations
  • 6
    Lockout/tagout oversights related to the control of hazardous energy
  • 7
    Mishandling powered industrial trucks
  • 8
    Fall protection training failures
  • 9
    Failures to provide eye and face protection
  • 10
    Machine guarding failures
These and other hazards can end up causing all types of industrial accidents, including (but not limited to):
The following delves into each of these causes of industrial accidents more.
Industrial Falling Accidents

Falls may involve same-level slip, trip, and falls or falling from an elevated area, like off of a ladder or scaffolding. Each year, around 244,000 industrial workers are hurt in falling accidents. That works out to an average of 668 industrial falling accidents every day (source: NSC).

While these falls can hurt workers in practically any industrial occupation, those in the construction industry have the greatest risk of falling. In fact, construction workers are about 7 times more likely to die in a falling accident than any other industrial worker (source: NSC).

Hazardous Exposures in Industrial Settings

Chemicals, toxins, and volatile materials can result in hazardous exposures when these substances are not properly stored or transported. While hazardous exposures can occur in various occupations, about 1 in every 3 takes place in one of the following industries (source: CDC):

  1. 18-wheeler transportation
  2. Educational services
  3. Chemical manufacturing
  4. Utilities
  5. Food manufacturing

It’s important to point out that industrial hazardous exposures can cause serious public health risks, in addition to worker injury and death.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

As a leading cause of death across all industries (and for the public, in general), motor vehicle accidents cause nearly 1 in every 4 fatal industrial injuries (source: CDC). Workers who have the greatest risk of getting hurt in an industrial motor vehicle accident include those in the:

  • Transportation industry, like truckers, bus drivers, and waste management drivers
  • Oil and gas industry, including oil rig workers, engineers, and surveyors
  • Warehouse industry, like stock workers, loading dock workers, and shipping-and-receiving clerks
  • Construction industry, including crane operators, roofers, and concrete finishers
Industrial Equipment Accidents

Complex heavy machinery, sometimes in confined spaces, can cause all sorts of industrial accidents and injuries, including (but not limited to):

  • Crushing accidents
  • Caught-in-between accidents
  • Loss of limbs or amputations
  • Hazardous exposures
  • Explosions or fires

    Often, these accidents involve industrial equipment that performs high-temperature or sharp-edge operations, with moving parts and/or the use of hazardous substances. While some of these accidents and industrial injuries can be caused by defective equipment, others may result from safety protocol failures or failures to maintain the equipment.
Industrial Explosions & Fires

Chemicals, combustion, and electrical issues can all trigger industrial explosions and fires. In fact, authorities report that, each year in the U.S., there are about 37,910 industrial fires and those incidents cause at least 270 injuries (source: NFPA). Notably, about 1 in every 5 industrial fires is a structural fire, and about 1 in 10 is a vehicle fire.

Industrial Accident, Injury & Death Statistics: The Big Picture

The latest industrial injury statistics, below, spotlight just how dangerous industrial occupations can be and how often these workers are getting hurt on the job (sources: BLS & CDC):
These statistics on industrial injuries present a harrowing picture,

but they don’t even begin to describe how physically and psychologically traumatic just one severe injury can be. And they don’t do anything to help victims recover and get justice when they’ve been harmed by negligence. The industrial injury lawyers at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers can, however. Our team is devoted to providing strategic, tireless advocacy in the pursuit of justice.

What Should I Do After an Industrial Accident?

When an industrial accident happens, take as many of these steps as possible in order to protect your rights, your health, and a potential claim for compensation:
  • 1

    Report the incident and injury

    to your employer ASAP. In Louisiana and Texas, state laws give you 30 days to report an industrial injury to an employer (if you want maintain eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits).
  • 2

    Get medical care ASAP.

    Seek emergency medical treatment if needed, but keep in mind that you may need to get non-emergency care from a doctor selected by your employer.
  • 3

    Follow through with all medical treatment

    and follow all doctors’ orders. Beyond promoting your physical recovery, following doctors’ orders can also help strengthen a future case.
  • 4

    Be careful about what you say

    and only discuss the facts when you’re talking to insurance companies, your employer, and/or others involved in the incident.
  • 5

    Talk to an industrial injury attorney

    to get answers about your rights and how to move forward.

The truth is that,

after an industrial accident, you can’t depend on insurers, employers, and others to do the right thing or pony up the financial recovery you may deserve. In fact, you may face some significant roadblocks that could stall, sabotage, or undercut a potential claim. An experienced attorney at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers can help you avoid or overcome those challenges, giving you and your case much better chances of success.

Should I Contact an Industrial Accident Lawyer?

Yes — you should contact an industrial injury attorney IF:

It’s 100% confidential, cost-free, and obligation-free to speak with a lawyer and get answers in an initial consultation. That’s a zero-risk way to:
Remember, you don’t have a lot of time to pursue claims, and you can’t rely on others to pay you the compensation you may be entitled to. With an industrial injury lawyer, however, you can be confident that you have an experienced professional fighting to assert your rights and bring your claim(s) to the best resolution(s) possible.

What Compensation Is Available for Industrial Accident & Injury Cases?

Industrial injury cases can yield financial recoveries for past and future losses, as well as economic and non-economic damages. Of course, the causes and severity of the injuries matter because those factors (and others) can impact the type of claim(s) an injured worker can pursue.

In fact, depending on the incident and how it happened, industrial workers could have a workers’ compensation claim and/or a third-party personal injury case.

Mature foreman in workwear giving first aid to female subordinate with pain in her shoulder after accident at work in warehouse

Determining the available compensation for an industrial injury claim

often involves in-depth investigations, complex calculations, and the help of experts. In general, however, the damages that may be available for industrial injury claims can include (but not limited to):
This compensation may be secured via out-of-court settlements or trial, and it can be vital to helping the injured recover, pick up the pieces, and focus on the future.

A 5-Star Industrial Injury Lawyer Is Ready to Help You Now

After an industrial accident, you are not alone. Get answers about your rights and legal options by contacting an experienced industrial injury lawyer at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers. From simple claims to the most complex litigation, our team is extraordinarily skillful and successful at handing it all while providing the excellent representation every step of the way.

We are proud to offer the same quality of advocacy and personal service that we would expect in your shoes — and we are ready to explain your legal options and the next steps towards seeking full, fair compensation for your injuries and losses.

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