Trey justin hero edit offshore accidents have surged in recent years, causing more injuries and deaths than ever before (source: bsee). Tragically, many of these offshore accidents result from negligence during recreational or work activities. When that happens and harms you, you can rely on morris & dewett injury lawyers to help you recover.


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Offshore accidents have surged in recent years, causing more injuries and deaths than ever before (source: BSEE). Tragically, many of these offshore accidents result from negligence during recreational or work activities. When that happens and harms you, you can rely on Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers to help you recover.

Known for providing exceptional counsel and winning representation, our lawyers have more than 20 years of experience handling all types of offshore accident cases. We have the skills, resources, and knowledge to stand up to any opponent inside or outside the courtroom, and we know how to win when it matters most.

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What Causes Most Offshore Accidents & Injuries?

There’s no controlling the ocean or the weather. While those unpredictable factors can cause offshore accidents, so does preventable negligence. In fact, people often get hurt and die at sea due to equipment malfunctions, unseaworthy watercraft, and safety failures. That can cause all types of life-threatening accidents, the most common of which include:

  • 1
    Explosions and fires
  • 2
    Hazardous & toxic exposures
  • 3
    Malfunctioning equipment
These and other forms of negligence are discussed in more detail below.
Explosions & Fires

Flammable substances — from boating fuel to oil and natural gas drilled offshore — can easily give rise to terrifying explosions and raging fires. In fact, offshore fires and explosions are more likely to occur when events like (but not limited to) the following are at play:

  • Watercraft crashes
  • Failures to properly store flammable substances
  • A lack of training or safety equipment for offshore workers
  • Failures to inspect or maintain pipelines, industrial equipment, and/or watercraft

    When offshore explosions happen, they often leave catastrophic injuries and death in their wake. For survivors, the aftermath could mean trying to recover from serious burns, traumatic brain injury, carbon monoxide poisoning, and other severe injuries.
Hazardous & Toxic Exposures

Chemicals, asbestos, and other hazardous substances also pose threats when it comes to offshore injuries and deaths. Depending on the substance, exposures may occur:

  • Via inhalation, ingestion, or skin contact
  • During a single event or over extended periods of time

    Equipment manufacturers, oil and gas companies, and/or others can be liable for the accidents and injuries caused by offshore toxic exposures.
Malfunctioning Equipment

Design flaws and failures to maintain equipment can lead to dangerous malfunctions. That can be especially problematic if:

  • Workers don’t have the proper training to use complex or risky equipment.
  • The essential safety protocols and/or guards are not in place.

    When equipment or watercraft fail at sea, drownings, falls, equipment collapses, electrocutions, and other injuries can follow.
Other Causes of Offshore Accidents

Negligent operation of watercraft and unseaworthy watercraft also cause offshore accidents, injuries, and deaths far too often. Generally, it takes careful investigations to determine the causes of offshore accidents and who’s liable for them.

At Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers, our offshore accident attorneys are skilled investigators and dedicated advocates who know how to get justice for victims. We can help you navigate the complexities of an offshore accident case, providing 5-star counsel every step of the way.

Offshore Accident Statistics

The statistics on offshore accidents speak to just how dangerous negligence at sea can be (source: BSEE).
This data may be just the tip of the iceberg because there are no legal requirements for the U.S. Coast Guard to track or report on offshore accidents.

What Are the Different Types of Offshore Accident Claims?

Cases filed after offshore accidents can vary, depending on whether victims were injured in the line of duty and, if so, what type of work they were doing when they got hurt. Additionally, the cause(s) of offshore accidents can impact the available legal remedies.

Generally, however, offshore accident claims can include:

  • Jones Act claims:
    Also known as The Merchant Marine Act of 1920, the Jones Act lets maritime workers file claims for injuries caused by “unseaworthy” vessels. Different than a worker’s compensation case, a Jones Act claim is filed against an employer. Compensation from these cases can include non-economic damages like pain and suffering, as well as medical bills and lost wages.
  • Longshore & Harbor Workers Compensation Act (LHWCA) claims:
    These claims are meant for maritime workers who cannot file Jones Act claims. People who can file LHWCA claims include shipbuilders, ship repair workers, harbor workers, pier and dock workers, and longshoremen. LHWCA claims can offer compensation similar to workers’ compensation benefits.
  • Death on the High Seas Act (DOHSA) claims:
    After a deadly offshore accident, DOHSA claims can be filed by spouses and children when unseaworthy vessels or negligence kills people in international waters. DOSHA claims can be filed for work-related deaths, as well as fatalities associated with recreational activities.
  • Personal injury claims:
    If defective products contribute to offshore accidents or if boat operator impairment results in a crash, victims may be able to file personal injury claims against the negligent parties. Please note that these are not the only forms of negligence that may give rise to personal injury claims involving offshore accidents.
Working at height. An abseiler wearing personal protective equipment (ppe) standing on pipeline for painting with background flare tip burning in the sky.
Working at height. Working overboard. A commercial abseiler with fall arrestor device hanging on bridge pipeline structure at oil and gas platform to perform painting works.

Will I Be Fired If I File an Offshore Accident Claim?

Employers that retaliate against injured workers who exercise their rights to file legal claims can be breaking the law. If a worker is fired, demoted, or blacklisted for filing an injury claim, that worker may have another legal case against the company responsible for the retaliation.

Many employers know the law and will not take illegal action to punish workers who file injury claims. That’s not the case for every employer, of course. So, it’s important to know your rights — and it can be just as critical to work with a lawyer who can help you protect your rights and interests. 

When Should I Talk to an Offshore Accident Lawyer?

If you think you have a case or you think you need an attorney, the sooner you contact one, the better. There are several reasons for this, including (but not limited to) the facts that:
Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers makes it easy for offshore accident victims to learn more about their rights and options. We offer free, no-obligation consultations, clear answers, and helpful advice whenever you need it. Plus, we only charge for our services if we secure compensation for your claim.

What Compensation Is Available for Offshore Accident Cases?

Your injuries, the type(s) of claim(s) you file, and other factors can impact the compensation you may be eligible to receive after an offshore accident. When more serious injuries and permanent losses are involved, damage calculations can become quite complex, covering past and future losses, as well as economic and non-economic damages.

Nevertheless, financial recoveries for offshore accident claims can cover damages like:

Life can change forever after just one offshore accident. By filing a legal claim and making negligent parties answer for the harm they’ve caused, you can get some justice. You can also obtain the compensation that may be essential to picking up the pieces and healing.

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