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Morris & Dewett understands that law is a relationship business between clients and their attorneys. A large percentage of our business comes from other attorneys, and we diligently satisfy our referring partners just like their clients. We have built our reputation the hard way, from a very small practice to the most respected trial firm on the Gulf Coast. Because of this history, we understand the limitations of resources and experience that other attorneys sometimes face. Our number one goal is to help attorneys maintain and strengthen their relationships with their clients by leveraging our resources and expertise. A referral can be a fruitful partnership.
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Solutions Morris & Dewett Can Provide

  • Experience handling the legal process for complex cases that could last years
  • A network of medical experts and relationships to provide the care injured clients may need
  • Ability to fully finance and fund the case to completion
  • Extensive network of experts in medical, finance, economics, engineering, and trial preparation
  • Trial management experience with multi-faceted cases
  • Deposition experience with multiple experts and complex details
  • Jury analysis and research for optimal results
  • Focus on keeping referring attorneys engaged and informed in the process
  • Cross-examination techniques tried and tested over hundreds of significant cases
  • Experience in multi-party lawsuits with multiple defendants and at-fault parties
  • Provide a firm with a reputation for winning big cases

Reasons to Refer A Case

  • Case outside area of expertise
  • Funding is unavailable for a case that may last years
  • Inexperience handling cases with multiple defendants
  • Need a larger circle of experts
  • Need a seasoned trial lawyer
  • Need more manpower than is available
  • Need to maintain focus on all clients
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morris & dewett is ready to come aboard your case

The legal team at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers has been fighting and winning personal injury cases in Louisiana and Texas for many years. More than half of our cases come from referrals from other attorneys and law firms. Other firms know that we have the skill and experience to pick up a case and hit the ground running when it comes to us. More than half of our cases come from other attorneys’ referrals. We think of this as an ongoing relationship between other firms and ourselves. Your client will return to you after this case is over, but we hope the relationship between our firm and other law firms will continue. When the time comes for fee sharing and settlements or judgments, we will ensure that all work on the case is acknowledged and compensated.

When it is time to refer a case, contact Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers. We will review the case, listen to your concerns and issues, and let you know if we are the right firm to handle the case. If we can take over the case or provide additional support, we will assist in every way possible.

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