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Catastrophic injuries can shatter lives, relationships, careers, and families. Those profound losses can be permanent. In many cases, they’re also deeply painful and financially devastating. When catastrophic injuries have been caused by negligence, victims can take legal action to hold the at-fault parties liable and make them answer for the harm they’ve caused.

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At Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers,

we are dedicated to helping injured people recover when it’s time to seek justice. With more than two decades of experience and a reputation for excellence, we know what it takes to win the toughest catastrophic injury cases and secure the maximum available recoveries in and outside the courtroom.

Strategic, tireless, and compassionate, we provide the same advocacy and counsel we would expect if we were in your shoes. That’s why you can count on us for exceptional representation and personalized counsel at every phase of your case.

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Catastrophic Injury Definition: What Is a Catastrophic Injury?

Injuries are generally categorized as “catastrophic” when they result in lasting, life-changing trauma. Depending on the site and severity of the harm, catastrophic injuries can cause more than just physical damage.

They can also leave victims with perception, memory, cognition, and/or mood problems, which may permanently alter their experience and quality of life.

Often, that means catastrophic injuries require long-term medical care from physicians, surgeons, therapists, and others. Most commonly, these injuries include:

Here is a closer look at these and other catastrophic injuries.

Broken Bones

Bone fractures are incredibly painful and debilitating. For many victims, serious accidents can end up causing multiple fractures, and several surgeries may be needed to remove damaged tissues and reset bones. In the worst cases, bone fractures can leave irreversible damage and paralysis.

For example, vertebral and skull fractures can damage underlying tissues, possibly causing permanent spinal cord injury or brain damage.

Loss of Limbs

Roughly 2 million Americans are amputees, and many have lost limbs in accidents caused by negligence (source: Amputee Coalition).

Tragically, the loss of a limb can cause more than just permanent disabilities and limitations. It can also lead to severe depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and the need for assistive equipment, including prosthetics.

Spinal Cord Injury

Damage to the spinal cord can paralyze part or all of the body below the neck. In fact, depending on the nature and site of the damage, spinal cord injury (SCI) may cause the loss of sensation, tingling, or serious pain. In the worst cases, SCI can result in paraplegia, quadriplegia, and an impaired ability to live independently.

Every week in the U.S., more than 340 people are diagnosed with a new spinal cord injury (source: NSCSC).

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Brain damage caused by an accident or traumatic event is referred to as a TBI. These injuries can be challenging to detect and treat in initial stages due to their generic symptoms.

As TBIs advance, however, they can cause speech problems, confusion, balancing issues, coordination problems, and other health complications. In the most severe cases, traumatic brain injury can cause coma, seizures, and death.

Close to 1,200 people in the U.S. die from TBI complications each week while more than 4,300 others require hospitalization to treat these complications (source: CDC).

Other Catastrophic Injuries

Bone fractures, amputations, TBIs, and SCIs are, unfortunately, just the beginning when it comes to the types of catastrophic injuries suffered in accidents. Others can include (and are not limited to):
These and other serious injuries can be devastating. But they could also be the basis of legal claims that empower the injured to get justice and recover.

How Do Most Catastrophic Injuries Happen?

Tragically, most catastrophic injuries happen by accident, and most of those accidents are caused by carelessness or recklessness.

In fact, from broken bones and amputations to TBIs and SCIs, the leading causes of catastrophic injuries are motor vehicle wrecks and work accidents. Here’s a closer look at each, along with some other accidents that commonly cause catastrophic injuries.

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Motor Vehicle Wrecks

Car crashes, 18-wheeler wrecks, motorcycle accidents, and other traffic crashes are leading causes of severe injury, permanent disability, and death. For the most part, these collisions are caused negligent drivers, like those who are:
Generally, motor vehicle accidents are more likely to lead to catastrophic injuries when factors like (but not limited to) the following are also involved:

Work Accidents

Workplaces and job sites see way too many serious accidents and catastrophic injuries each year. In fact, federal authorities have deemed the following to be the “Fatal Four” because these incidents are most often to blame for work-related deaths in the U.S. (source: OSHA):
  • 1
  • 2
    Struck-by events
  • 3
  • 4
    Entrapments or caught-in-between events
Construction, roofing, fishing, and the oil and gas industry tend to report far more worker accidents, injuries, and deaths than others. No matter where they happen, however, work accidents can cause horrific injuries that may render workers unable to earn a living ever again.

Other Accidents Causing Catastrophic Injuries

Beyond the roads and work, catastrophic injuries can also happen when people of any age come into contact with:
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Who’s Liable for My Catastrophic Injury?

You need to have a clear understanding of the causes of your injuries to shed light on who may be liable for them.

As a result, it’s usually necessary to answer questions like (but not limited to) the following when you’re trying to figure out liability for catastrophic injuries:

With these claims, it’s also best to know that:

Evidence and investigations can uncover liability:
The answers to the above questions are not always obvious after an accident. You may need to investigate further to find more evidence and get a better understanding of exactly how the accident and injuries happened.
Several parties could be liable:
Even if you know that one party is at-fault, there could be others. Plus, you cannot count on others to get fault determinations correct for you, especially if they start wrongly pointing the finger at you.
An attorney can help:
A catastrophic injury lawyer will know where to look, what to look for, and how to use key evidence to prove liability and support your claim. When you or a loved one has been hurt, that assistance and representation can be vital to successful recoveries.

When Do I Need a Catastrophic Injury Lawyer?

Talk to an attorney as soon as you think you need one. There’s no cost to consult a catastrophic injury lawyer, and there’s benefit in waiting to meet with one.

Actually, when it comes to consulting and retaining an attorney, remember:

  • There are no legal fees until there’s a recovery for your claim. That means you shouldn’t let a concern of legal fees hold you back from getting representation. You can secure winning advocacy at zero upfront cost.
  • Evidence can go missing, deadlines can pass, and at-fault parties can be working to defend against any claims they anticipate. Acting sooner, instead of waiting, can help you preserve your potential rights to recovery.
  • An attorney can start representing you immediately, even if your injuries haven’t fully been diagnosed or treated — and even if you’re not totally sure how the accident happened.
At Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers, we are ready to be the dependable, skilled advocates you need when it’s time to file a case. We have deep experience handling all types of injury claims, and we know what it takes to go up against the toughest opponents in any legal setting. Let us tell you more about how we can help you during an initial consultation.
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What Compensation Is Paid for Catastrophic Injury Cases?

Financial recoveries for catastrophic injury cases depend on the severity and types of injuries and losses suffered. Generally, that can include:

  • Economic damages,
    like past and future medical bills and lost earnings
  • Non-economic damages,
    like past and future suffering and changes to quality of life
An attorney can help you calculate and fight for fair, full compensation for a catastrophic injury claim while giving you better chances of optimal outcomes. That can help you secure the recovery you may need for treatments, so you can focus on healing and moving on with your life.

The Long-Term Impact of a Catastrophic Injury

Suffering a catastrophic injury can have a significant and long-term financial impact on victims and their families. Depending on the severity of the injury, victims may require ongoing medical treatment, rehabilitation, and personal care assistance. This can result in substantial medical expenses, lost wages, and reduced earning capacity, particularly if the victim is unable to return to work. In addition, catastrophic injuries can cause emotional distress and impact the victim’s quality of life.
It is essential to retain legal representation in these cases to ensure you receive full and fair compensation for your losses.

 A skilled catastrophic injury attorney can help identify liable parties, negotiate with insurance companies, and work with medical experts to accurately calculate the long-term financial impact of your injury to ensure your future financial security. Without proper legal representation, you may be at risk of receiving inadequate compensation that fails to cover your long-term needs and expenses.

How Long Do I Have to File a Catastrophic Injury Claim?

The time limit to file a catastrophic injury claim varies depending on the state and the type of claim being filed. In most cases, there is a statute of limitations, which is a deadline by which the victim must file a claim or lose their right to seek compensation.

It is crucial to consult with an experienced catastrophic injury attorney as soon as possible to determine the applicable statute of limitations. Missing the deadline can result in the case being dismissed without ever being heard.

How Long Will My Catastrophic Injury Case Take?

The duration of a catastrophic injury case can vary depending on a number of factors. It is difficult to provide a specific timeline for your case, but there are some general factors that can affect the length of time it takes to resolve a catastrophic injury case.
  • 1
    First, the severity of your injury can affect the duration of your case. Catastrophic injuries typically involve extensive medical treatment, rehabilitation, and ongoing care. These factors can significantly impact the length of time it takes to resolve your case.
  • 2
    Second, the complexity of your case can also impact the duration. Catastrophic injury cases often involve multiple parties, such as insurance companies, medical providers, and other individuals or entities. Coordinating with these parties, gathering evidence, and navigating the legal process can be time-consuming.
  • 3
    Third, the type of legal process used to resolve your case can also impact the timeline. Some cases may be resolved through settlement negotiations, while others may require a trial. Trials typically take longer to complete, as they involve presenting evidence, witness testimony, and other legal procedures.
Overall, it is important to understand that a catastrophic injury case can take a significant amount of time to resolve. It is important to work with an experienced catastrophic injury attorney who can guide you through the process and help you understand what to expect at each stage of your case. Your attorney can also provide you with an estimated timeline based on the unique circumstances of your case.
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