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Workplace accidents happen all the time. Frustratingly, workers forgo their workers’ compensation benefits nearly just as often because they don’t know they have them.

At Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers, we are on a mission to help people from all industries and backgrounds to understand and utilize their workers’ compensation benefits. If you were hurt at work for any reason, then we want to hear from you. The last thing we want is for you to not get the benefits that you need because you didn’t know that they were owed to you. Please call (318) 221-1508 now, and we can begin discussing your options.

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Different Types of Workplace Injuries

Whether you are a cashier, civil engineer, lawyer, doctor, bus driver, or in any other occupation, you probably have workers’ compensation insurance coverage if you are an employee. Also, in all occupations, there are day-to-day hazards that can cause an accident. For example, just walking through an office can cause an accident if you trip on a loose cable or a piece of uplifted carpet. This is why workers’ compensation claims should be taken seriously, regardless of who files them and what their jobs are.

A few examples of common workplace injuries are:

Back injuries
Many occupations require people to stay on their feet all day and/or life products. In doing so, a debilitating back injury can gradually occur.
Repetitive strain injuries (RSI)
Another type of gradually occurring injury is a repetitive strain or stress injury. Carpal tunnel syndrome is an example of an RSI that is often suffered by office workers.
Head injuries
Workers in physically demanding occupations can be at risk of head injuries due to the busy nature of their jobs. Construction workers are among the workers who are at the highest risk of a head injury.
Occupational illnesses
If your job puts you at risk of contracting or developing a serious illness, then you might be able to get workers’ comp. Medical workers are at risk of catching diseases from their patients, for example, and industrial workers might develop cancer from working around hazardous materials.

Determining the Cause of Workplace Injuries

To prove negligence in your aviation lawsuit, your attorney must investigate the accident and determine its cause. Knowing the cause of the accident is a critical element of proving negligence and one that takes years of legal experience. To determine the cause of your accident, your attorney will:
  • Perform Witness Interviews. Witness interviews and depositions learn from those who directly saw and know about the accident. Their testimony may also be used at trial in certain circumstances and can help prepare for trial.
  • Work With Experts. Most aircraft accident cases require expert testimony. These experts may be necessary to investigate mechanical failures, pilot errors, or many of the other common causes of an accident.
  • Review Photographs and Videos. Video recordings or photographs of the accident can help determine its cause. A footage review may show the accident itself or reveal the actions which led to the plane crash.
  • Perform Legal Research. Aviation accidents deal with multiple areas of the law, including personal injury law and federal aviation law. A qualified attorney performs legal research in all of these areas to ensure your case is handled correctly every time.
  • Utilize Accident Reconstructions. Accident reconstructions attempt to recreate the accident to determine its cause. These are often performed by sophisticated digital models or even physical demonstrations. Reconstruction experts are often used to determine how an aviation accident occurred.

Benefits from Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation benefits can help you get back on your feet without worrying about your finances. Specifically, they are meant to help you get back to work sooner than later. In this way, workers’ comp is good for the employer as well as the employee.

Three important workers’ comp benefits are:

  • Medical care:
    Workers’ compensation should cover all of your medical treatment costs, including treatments that become necessary years into the future.
  • Disability pay:
    If you cannot work due to your injuries, then you should be given a portion of your usual wages through disability pay, which can last for months or years if needed.
  • Vocational rehabilitation:
    When you can’t return to your regular job, but you can work in some capacity, vocational rehabilitation benefits can retrain you for a new job position or career.

Working Hard for Local Workers in Need

Ready to see how easy it can be to get workers’ compensation? Our Alexandria workers’ comp attorneys can help you manage your claim from start to finish. We are also here to guide and represent you if your workers’ comp claim has been unfairly denied by the insurer or mismanaged by your employer. In these cases, we can work towards a lump-sum settlement that is paid to you in lieu of the benefits, but that should be enough to help you recover comfortably.

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