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Fighting to Win Justice & Maximum Recoveries for the Victims of Guardrail Accidents

Guardrails can be life-saving features on the roads. They may also intensify a crash if they aren’t correctly built or installed. No matter how guardrails are involved in auto accidents, however, there are good chances negligence was too.

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How Do Guardrail Accidents Happen in Louisiana & Texas?

Wrecks with guardrails can occur when cars hit or are pushed into these road safety features. Often, that happens when:
  • Motorists are negligent:

    Drivers can drift out of their lane of traffic and collide with guardrails if they’re distracted, drunk, or drowsy. Similarly, careless drivers may sideswipe or crash into other motorists, pushing them out of the right lane of traffic and into the guardrail.
  • Mechanical failures occur:

    When brakes, tires, or other vital vehicle equipment fails, motorists can lose control of their vehicles and crash into guardrails. That can happen either before or after out-of-control vehicles hit other cars on the road.
When these guardrail accidents happen, the guardrails can:
  • 1
    Absorb some of the crash impacts
  • 2
    Prevent vehicles from entering riskier areas that could result in fatal wrecks, like adjacent bodies of water, oncoming lanes of traffic, or a cliff drop-off right alongside a roadway
Despite that, however, guardrails themselves can also present dangers on the roads. In fact, if guardrails are defective, they can:
Despite that, however, guardrails themselves can also present dangers on the roads. In fact, if guardrails are defective, they can:
A bent and twisted guard rail at the side of a highway.

Who Is At Fault for My Guardrail Accident?

Any person or party whose actions caused the guardrail car wreck can be at fault for that accident. Since several parties and actions can give way to these crashes, those who are at fault could include (and are not limited to) any combination of:
As you consider fault and the legal options for holding negligent parties liable, here are a few other key issues you need to keep in mind:
The guardrail accident attorneys at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers are ready to learn about your potential claim,

explain liability, and highlight your best options for recovery and justice. No matter what you know or don’t know about your accident, we can help you get a better idea of how to proceed, and we can help you successfully navigate the road to recovery moving forward.

What Evidence Do I Need for a Guardrail Accident Claim?

The essential evidence for guardrail accident cases depends on the crash causes and who’s liable for it. In other words, there’s no definitive list of evidence that needs to be presented for all guardrail crash cases. Instead, evidence is case-specific and depends on exactly what you need to prove, both in terms of fault and damages.

While Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers can give you confidential answers to this question, in general, items like (but not exclusive to) the following tend to be helpful in guardrail accident claims:

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