Trey justin hero edit night driving can be dangerous for many reasons. In fact, no matter how alert, sober, and experienced you may be behind the wheel, the dark of night naturally limits visibility — and it can come with other accident-causing hazards as well. All of that can add up to far greater risks of car crashes at night.


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Night driving can be dangerous for many reasons. In fact, no matter how alert, sober, and experienced you may be behind the wheel, the dark of night naturally limits visibility — and it can come with other accident-causing hazards as well. All of that can add up to far greater risks of car crashes at night.

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Why Is Driving at Night So Risky?

Nighttime is the most dangerous time for motorists to be on the roads (source: NHTSA). That’s because the night can present an array of potential dangers to motorists, including (but not limited to):
Driver in the car at night
Reduced or impaired visibility

Night can impact drivers’ peripheral vision, as well as their color and depth perception. In fact, even when using high beams, the average driver can only see about 500 feet ahead of their vehicle; with normal headlights, that can be cut in half to 250 feet, greatly reducing the time motorists have to respond to changing conditions or unexpected situations (source: NSC). Beyond those factors, nighttime visibility on the roads can also be compromised by glare (from other vehicles’ headlights), as well as age and/or eye conditions (which may impair individual motorists’ ability to see at night).

Drunk drivers

There’s a far greater risk of driver impairment at night, and drunk drivers are most likely to be on the roads on Friday and Saturday nights. Tragically, when motorists choose to drive drunk, statistics show that they’re risking their own lives as much as others. In fact, more than half (54%) of those killed in nighttime motor vehicle wrecks had BACs of at least 0.08 at the time of the motor vehicle accident (source: NHTSA).

Drowsy or exhausted drivers

Motorists are most likely to be drowsy behind the wheel between midnight and 6 a.m. That’s because the body’s natural circadian rhythms can cue fatigue, especially for those who are sleep deprived, intoxicated, or fatigued from driving for hours on end (source: NHSTA). Drowsy driving can end up causing the same dangers as drunk driving, and just 18 to 24 hours of no sleep being enough to cause impairments that would qualify drivers as legally drunk (source: CDC).


More than 1 in 3 fatal motor vehicle accidents at night involve speeding. In contrast, speeding contributes to roughly 1 in 5 deadly crashes that happen during the daytime (source: NHTSA). Drivers are far more likely to speed at night for various reasons — from alcohol impairment and failure to see posted speed limits to distraction or the mistaken thought they’re alone on the roads. No matter why they speed at night, motorists can be playing Russian roulette with the risks of deadly wrecks, especially considering the fact that it’s harder to see at night (so if they’re speeding and they don’t see a stop sign or pedestrian until the last minute, they’ll have little to no time to stop and avoid a crash).

These and other risks of nighttime driving are far more likely to cause motor vehicle crashes when the weather, the roads, or traffic conditions present unexpected challenges, like (but not limited to):

Night Driving Accident Statistics

The latest statistics on driving-at-night accidents reveal just how often these wrecks are happening — and what’s causing and resulting from these crashes (sources: NHTSA, CDC & NSC).
Multiple car crash night city emergency severe damage
While these statistics start to shine light on how dangerous nighttime driving can be, they don’t speak to the lasting trauma just one driving-at-night accident can cause, particularly when that crash results in catastrophic or fatal injuries.
To begin to recover from that trauma and get justice for the harm caused by a nighttime car accident, contact Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers. Our attorneys are devoted to helping crash victims hold at-fault parties liable, seek justice, and recover.

Who Can I Sue After a Driving at Night Accident In Louisiana & Texas?

Any party whose negligence played a role in causing a nighttime car accident can be at fault for that crash — and you may be able to sue those at-fault parties, depending on the circumstances. In general, those who may be liable and sued for a nighttime car accident can include (and are not limited to):
  • 1
    Other drivers if their impairment, drowsiness, aggression, and/or failure to comply with traffic laws caused the wreck
  • 2
    Parties responsible for road lighting and road safety at nights if poor lighting or other unsafe road conditions were a factor in a driving-at-night crash
  • 2
    Vehicle manufacturers or equipment makers if mechanical failures played a role in causing a night driving accident

Keep in mind that there are strict time limits for filing night car accident claims in LA and TX — and that the victims of these crashes may still be entitled to compensation even if they’re partly at fault (and only if they aren’t mostly at fault) for the crash.

A night driving accident lawyer at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers can tell you more about your options to sue after hearing more about your situation during a confidential, zero-obligation consultation.

How to Avoid a Night Driving Accident: 6 Tips

Whenever you’re on the roads from dusk until dawn, here are some essential tips for staying safe and minimizing your risk of a driving-at-night accident:
A man and a woman are driving in a car at night, the view from the car to the road.
Know the car before driving at night: If you’re renting a car or driving someone else’s vehicle, figure out how to operate the headlights and high beams before you get on the roads.
Take it slower: With reduced visibility at night, it’s best to give yourself more time to check out and respond to your surroundings. And the best way to do that is by slowing down a bit, especially if you’re driving on poorly lit streets.
Put more distance between you and other drivers: You never know when another motorist is drunk, tired, angry, or simply not paying attention. So, leave more following distance between your vehicle and others on the road. Also, wait a second or two longer at intersections in case other drivers run red rights or fail to yield the right-of-way.
Drive defensively: Don’t expect others to follow the rules of the road or look out for you. Instead, anticipate they won’t and stay alert behind the wheel.
Comply with all traffic laws: Do what other drivers expect and be where they think you’ll be. Also, never drive drunk. All of that can substantially reduce the chances of a driving-at-night accident.
Report drunk drivers: If you see other motorists driving erratically, violating traffic laws, or asleep behind the wheel, report the dangerous driver. It could save lives.

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