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Winning Advocacy & Fair Compensation for the Victims of Out-of-State Driver Accidents

Traffic collisions can be traumatic no matter where they occur. When those crashes involve people who live in different states — or if you get in a wreck while you’re traveling out of state — you could be left facing a situation that’s as traumatic as it may be complex.

Whether you’re hit by out-of-state motorists in Louisiana or Texas or you’re in a crash outside of LA or TX, you can turn to Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers for help, answers, and 5-star advocacy.

For more than 20 years, our out-of-state driver lawyers have offered exceptional representation in and outside the courtroom. Recognized for excellence and outstanding service to our clients, we have the tenacity, skills, knowledge, and resources to win when it matters most.

That’s why we’re leading car accident attorneys in Louisiana and Texas. And it’s why you can trust us for strategic, effective advocacy when it’s time to file a case, recover, and win justice.

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Where Do I File a Claim After an Out-of-State Driver Hits Me?

You will likely have at least two options of where to file a claim if you’re hit by an out-of-state driver. Specifically, you likely can:
  • 1

    File in the state where the accident occurred:

    If you live in Louisiana and an out-of-state motorist hits you in the Pelican State, for instance, you will have the option to file a claim in Louisiana (as long as the statute of limitations hasn’t expired).
  • 2

    File in the state where the at-fault motorist lives:

    Let’s say that out-of-state driver is from Alabama and they hit you in Louisiana. Then, you’d have the option to file your claim in either Louisiana or Alabama.
Now, this assumes that there is only one other motorist or party at fault for the wreck. Things can change when:
  • Multiple motorists are at fault:

    If there are several drivers who are liable and they all live in different states, then each state of residency can become an option for filing a lawsuit.
  • An organization is at fault for a crash:

    In these cases, the state in which the company is based would be the “resident” state. There can be exceptions if a company conducts significant operations in another state, and that tends to occur with bigger, national companies.

Does It Really Make a Difference Where I File?

Yes. If you have the option to file in two or more states, it DOES matter where you choose to pursue your claim. That’s because different states have different laws regarding:
  • Liability:

    In most states, the laws acknowledge that fault doesn’t always lie 100% with one party and that victims may share some degree of fault for causing the accidents that harm them. Those states have laws that may permit victims to pursue recoveries even if they may share some portion of fault. However, other states — including Alabama, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia — only allow victims to seek compensation if the victims are not at fault for the crash. So, depending on liability for your crash and where you choose to file your claim, you could be entitled to more, less, or no recovery, based on state laws.
  • Claim filing deadlines:

    Another key difference in state laws is how soon you have to file a claim. Depending on the state, you could have anywhere from 1 year to 6 years (after the date of the crash) to pursue an out-of-state accident case. Keep in mind, however, that state laws may also set different statutes of limitations for claims filed against private parties versus public (government) entities — and that missing a deadline to file means you can lose the option to pursue a claim in a particular state (or altogether).

The out-of-state driver attorneys at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers have a deep understanding of state liability laws, different statutes of limitations, and the other issues that can arise in these complex cases. We are the partners and advocates you can truly rely on when you need an experienced lawyer to guide, advise, and represent you in the pursuit of compensation and justice.

Who Is At Fault for My Out-of-State Driver Car Accident?

Fault for crashes involving out-of-state motorists can be determined in a similar manner to any other traffic collision — and that’s through careful investigations, along with the collection and analysis of the available evidence.

While the exact evidence you need to determine fault depends on your wreck, you can start to get a better idea of liability by looking to items like (but not limited to):

Depending on where you live and which parties are at fault, you could have multiple claims and various legal remedies for seeking justice. You can also benefit from talking to an out-of-state driver attorney at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers for more answers about your rights and legal options, as well as the best ways to move forward and pursue the financial recovery you may be entitled to.

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After a crash, the more you know about your rights and options, the better. That’s because the choices you make after a wreck, from where and when to file to whether and when you retain a lawyer, can play a major role in the success of your case and what you’re able to recover.

Make the best choices and set your claim up for the best possible resolution with the out-of-state driver attorneys at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers. Experienced, fearless, and tireless, we are honored to provide the representation and service we would want if we were in your shoes. Discover the difference our team can make in your claim and recovery by contacting us today.

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