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Strategic, Experienced Advocacy for Crash Victims Hurt by Reckless, Speeding Drivers

Speeding is the number one driver error linked to deadly wrecks in Louisiana, Texas, and the U.S. As an incredibly dangerous form of aggressive driving, speeding contributes to more than 1 in 4 traffic fatalities — and at least 1 out of every 8 injury crashes (source: NHTSA).

Like drunk driving, distracted driving, and other forms of driver negligence, speeding is totally inexcusable and 100% preventable. Yet, it clearly happens far too often, with devastating results that can leave behind irreversible damage and losses.

When that happens, speeding motorists can be liable for the accidents, injuries, and deaths they cause. And the victims of these crashes can get the help they need bringing these negligent drivers to justice from the trusted team at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers.

For more than 20 years, our speeding accident lawyers have been devoted, fearless advocates for accident victims. Known for excellence and always putting our clients first, we are proud to provide fierce, tireless representation to help people just like you win and recover when it matters most.

That’s why you can rely on our speeding accident attorneys when it’s time to pursue justice and win fair, full compensation. Just contact Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers for confidential answers and advice. We are here for you, ready to help 24/7.

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Dangers of Speeding: How Does Speeding Cause Car Accidents?

Speeding is defined as the act of driving faster than the posted speed limit or driving too fast for the conditions. When motorists drive at excessive speeds, they can create several new hazards on the roads, including (but not limited to) the fresh risks of:
Losing control of their vehicles

Excessive speeds make it far riskier to maneuver around curves and/or perform any sudden movement behind the wheel. In fact, if speeding drivers need to swerve suddenly to avoid a crash, there are good chances they could lose control of their vehicles, fishtail, rollover, drive off the roads, and wreck.

Longer stopping distances

The faster vehicles travel, the more room they need to come to a full stop. In fact, when speeds double, the required stopping distances generally quadruple. It’s common for speeding drivers to overlook this fact and cause serious wrecks because they fail to brake earlier or they don’t leave sufficient room to come to a complete stop.

Mechanical failures

High speeds put a lot of extra stress on vehicles’ equipment and systems. That can substantially increase the risk of equipment failures on the road, especially for critical components like brakes and tires. When those mechanical issues impact speeding vehicles, drivers can lose control of their cars and crash into other vehicles and/or roadway features.

Reduced efficacy of vehicle safety equipment:

Seatbelts and airbags can be far less effective at preventing injury in high-speed auto accidents, when compared to low-speed collisions. Combine that with the higher risks of vehicles being crushed in speeding accidents, and it’s easy to see why speeding is a leading cause of fatal motor vehicle wrecks across the nation.

Slower reaction times

Speeding motorists will have less time to perceive, recognize, and respond to their driving environments. That can mean that speeding drivers don’t see important signals, like yield signs or red lights, until it’s too late.

In many cases, motorists decide to speed and up the ante for a car crash due to factors like (but not limited to):

How Do I Know If Speeding Caused My Car Wreck?

A car accident investigation and the evidence for your crash can help you figure out if speeding may have been a factor — and, if so, who’s at fault. So can a speeding accident lawyer at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers.

The reality is that you may never even see a crash coming and it can be challenging to determine whether speeding and/or other negligence played a role in your motor vehicle accident. With an experienced attorney in your corner, you can be confident that thorough investigations and the necessary evidence will come together to help you pursue the justice and financial recovery you may be entitled to.

These dangers can be amplified whenever:

Despite the fact that evidence of speeding is typically specific to a given crash and case, in general, proof of this form of reckless driving may come from items and evidence like (but not limited to):
Speeding traffic on a highway

Who Can I Sue After a Speeding Accident in Louisiana & Texas?

You may be able to sue the speeding driver(s) and possibly other parties, depending on how your motor vehicle accident occurred, who was involved, and the available evidence.

In fact, liability for speeding accidents could be shared by several parties, like (but not limited to):

  • Any negligent drivers who were a party to the wreck
  • Motor carriers if speeding truckers cause crashes
  • Vehicle equipment makers if mechanical failures contribute to speeding accidents
  • Any party responsible for keeping the roads safe, which includes posting clearly visible speed limit signs at the required intervals
To find out more about your options for suing and seeking compensation after a crash, talk to a speeding accident lawyer at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers. We can explain your rights and how to proceed during a free, confidential, zero-obligation consultation.

A 5-Star Speeding Accident Lawyer Is Ready to Help You 24/7

Speed can hurt you on the roads, but it may help you when it’s time to recover from a crash. That’s because your chances of success and full recoveries tend to be better the sooner you:
  • Take action
  • Exercise your legal options
  • Partner with an experienced speeding accident attorney at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers
We are ready to share more about the options for compensation and justice — and we’re ready to fight in and outside the courtroom to help you win. Discover the difference our team can make in your claim and recovery by contacting us today.
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