Mainstage v10 img 1 every day, traffic crashes kill at least seven teens while injuring hundreds of others (source: cdc). That makes motor vehicle accidents a leading cause of death and injury for teenagers. And, tragically, most teen driver accidents are caused by preventable, careless actions on the roads.


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Every day, traffic crashes kill at least seven teens while injuring hundreds of others (source: CDC). That makes motor vehicle accidents a leading cause of death and injury for teenagers. And, tragically, most teen driver accidents are caused by preventable, careless actions on the roads.

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What Risks Are Associated with Teen Drivers?

As the newest motorists on the roads, teens can present some unique and potentially serious risks when they get behind the wheel. Specifically, some of the risks that teen motorists can bring to the roads include (source for all data in the bullets: CDC & NHTSA):
A Lack of Experience

Despite driver’s education, license testing, and graduated driver’s license programs, there’s no denying that teens are the least experienced motorists on the roads. That means teen drivers tend to make far more judgment errors than more experienced drivers, particularly when it comes to overlooking the dangers in a given situation.


Teen motorists, more than drivers of any other age group, are typically most prone to distraction behind the wheel. That’s especially true when it comes to cellphone use and texting while driving. Even without cellphones, however, teen drivers can be vulnerable to distractions from other teen passengers. In fact, putting just one teen passenger in the car with a teen motorist can triple the risk of a wreck. With two or more teen passengers, the risks of teen driver accidents surge much higher.


When compared to more experienced motorists, teen drivers are far more likely to speed and leave shorter following distances between their vehicles and the ones in front of them. Additionally, teen drivers tend to speed more when other teen passengers are in their vehicles. That’s often due to distraction, peer pressure to speed, or a driver showing off to passengers.

Alcohol Use

Every state has some type of zero tolerance law prohibiting teens from having any alcohol in their systems when they’re driving. While violating those laws can result in criminal drunk driving charges, it can also lead to horrific wrecks. In fact, even when looking at BACs of 0.05 to 0.07 (which is below the legal limit for of-age drivers), teen drivers have a much greater risk of getting into a crash than adult drivers with the same BACs do. In other words, alcohol can be far more impairing and lead to much greater crash risks for teen motorists when compared to adult drivers.

Aggressive driving

Reckless motorists may speed, tailgate, blow through red lights, and improperly change lanes. Those and other risky actions behind the wheel can easily cause aggressive drivers to hit others from the side, especially when there’s more traffic on the roads.


 teen drivers and passengers are less likely to buckle up behind the wheel. That means they’re creating unnecessary risks for themselves because, in a crash, seatbelts can reduce the risk of serious and deadly injuries by 45% to 65% (source: NHTSA).

When all those risks meet the real world — including other negligent motorists, poor road conditions, faulty vehicle equipment, and/or unpredictable weather — there can be far greater chances of teen driver car accidents.

Teen Driver Accident Statistics: What Causes Most Teen Driver Crashes?

The latest statistics reveal just how common teen driver car accidents are, along with some impacts and causes of these wrecks (sources: CDC, NHTSA & III):
  • Teens have the greatest risk of getting into car accidents at nighttime [1] and near or on the weekends. In fact, while 40% of teen traffic deaths happen between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m., more than half of all fatal teen crashes occur on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.
  • 16-year-old motorists are 1.5 times more likely to be in a crashthan drivers who are 18 or 19 years old.
  • Nearly 1 in every 4 fatal teen accidents involves speeding[2]. Additionally, male teen drivers are in twice as many deadly accidents involving speeding as female teen motorists.
  • Like speeding, alcohol use in fatal teen driver wrecks occurs far more among males (20%) than females (14%).
  • Close to 1 in 4 teen drivers killed in traffic crashes was drunk at the time of the wreck[3]. About 15% of those drunk teens had BACs of at least 0.08%.
  • About 3 in 5 drunk teen drivers who are killed in car accidents aren’t buckled up when the crash occurs. When looking at teen drivers and passengers, about 45% weren’t wearing seatbelts at the time of the fatal teen driver crash.
  • Teen traffic deaths cost roughly $4.8 million a year when looking just at medical expenses and lost labor costs.

While these statistics can be helpful to reducing and preventing teen driver accidents,

the numbers don’t speak to the lasting trauma and deep pain the victims of just one crash can suffer. What can help the victims of teen driver crashes is the team at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers.

We have vast experience in and an unwavering commitment to helping the victims of teen driver car accidents, no matter how challenging their case may be. Whether you know who’s at fault — and even if you think you’re eligible to recover — you can get important, confidential answers and advice from Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers in a free, no-obligation consultation.

Was a Teen Driver At Fault for My Car Accident?

You’ll need to take a close look at the details, facts, and evidence associated with your crash to get a clear idea of whether a teen motorist and/or others may be at fault. As you do that, it’s usually essential to:
A young black teenage driver seated in her new car with her mother
A 5-star teen driver car accident lawyer at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers is ready to help you determine who’s at fault and where to go from here.
Ask yourself some key questions: Was I fully complying with traffic laws when the crash happened? What was the teen driver doing at the time of the wreck and were they violating traffic laws? Where and how did the first point of impact occur and what followed? Did the teen driver admit to causing the crash or apologize for it afterward?
Check out the crash-related items you have access to: Look carefully and multiple times at crash pictures, video recordings, documents, damaged personal items, and/or other things you have associated with the wreck. These items can uncover more about what happened while possibly suggesting how or where to find additional evidence. Sometimes, it takes multiple views of the same items to make these key findings.
Write down what you remember: Make a record of the facts you’re sure of, like the weather conditions, where you were going, the location of the crash, and what occurred. These details may help jog your memory about other facts you didn’t remember at first. They could also be an important reference later if memory fades and the specifics become a bit cloudy.
Consult an attorney: Discussing your crash, the evidence, and a potential claim with an experienced lawyer can give you more insight regarding liability, how a claim would work, and what needs to occur next. A lawyer can also give you a head’s up about potential challenges, the value of a case, and how to safeguard your rights going forward.

How to Prevent Teen Driver Accidents: 8 Tips (for Teens & Parents)

Whether you’re a licensed teen or the parent of a teen driver, here’s what you can do to promote safety on the roads while minimizing the risk of teen driver crashes.

For Parents

  • 1
    Start talking to teens about safe driving as early as you can. Try not to leave the conversation until after they have a license — or, worse yet, until after a crash happens.
  • 2
    Set some clear rules and consequences for breaking them, especially when it comes to no distractions, no drinking and driving, wearing seatbelts, and always following the rules of the road. Also, set the rules about if or when teen passengers can ride with your teen driver.
  • 3
    Set a good example. Model the driving behavior you want your teen to learn. It can be hard to get your teen to follow the rules if they see you breaking them.

For Teen Drivers

  • 1
    Always wear your seatbelt, regardless of whether you’re driving or riding in a vehicle.
  • 2
    Never drink and drive or drive while impaired.
  • 3
    Stay focused on driving, the roads, and what’s going on around you. Do NOT use your cellphone or do anything that’s going to pull your attention away from driving.
  • 4
    Avoid driving at night whenever possible.
  • 5
    Always follow traffic laws, going slower and leaving extra headroom between vehicles when the roads or the weather are poor.
As much as these tips can do to prevent wrecks, some things are out of your control, and other parties can cause serious teen driver crashes even if you’re doing everything 100% correctly. If that happens, it’s time to turn to Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers.

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