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our highly rated Burn Injury Attorneys will be there every step of the way towards full recovery

Burn injuries can be extremely painful and deeply damaging. Tragically, many of the accidents that cause burn injuries are the result of preventable negligence. For the victims of these accidents, it’s essential to remember that they are not alone—and that law may provide various options for justice.

At Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers, we are proud to represent burn victims, and we work tirelessly to help them recover. Our experienced Covington burn injury lawyers are highly effective at winning full, fair compensation, even when we are up against the toughest opponents in the most complex bury injury cases.

Strategic, skilled, and compassionate, we know how to get justice when it matters most. Whether you need answers about your rights or it’s time to move forward with a burn injury case, our Covington attorneys are here for you, ready to help now.

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Our burn injury attorneys have recovered millions for the victims of negligence.

 We are ready to make your claim and recovery our next victory.

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What Is a Burn Injury?

Burns are skin injuries caused by contact with heat, chemicals, or another energy source. Depending on how that contact occurred, burns can be mild, superficially damaging skin (first-degree burns), or they can be moderate to severe, destroying lower layers of skin and nerves (second- or third-degree burns). In the most severe cases of fourth-degree burns, the damage can also extend to the muscles, tendons, and/or bones.

On a physical level, burns can leave victims with profound, irreversible trauma, including (but not limited to):
  • Deep tissue damage
  • Permanent scarring
  • Disfigurement and loss of limb
  • Mobility impairments
  • New vulnerabilities to infection
Psychologically, burn injuries may be no less devastating. In fact, many burn victims can end up with serious cases of post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, and other psychological impacts.

Burn Injury Statistics

The latest data on burn accidents and injuries shows how common and devastating they are (sources: CDC and the American Burn Association).

What to Do After a Burn Injury

Call 911 or go to the emergency room as soon as any serious burn injuries occur. This includes burns that char the skin, cause deep damage, or cover more than 3 inches of the face, major joints, hands, and/or feet. While you wait for emergency care, here are other important steps to take:
First aid training - burn injury
Stop, drop and roll: Put out any flames as soon as possible.
Get out of harm’s way: Move away from any fire, chemicals, power source, or other agents that caused burns.
Take off restrictive items: This includes anything on or around your fingers, waist, or neck, like rings, belts, and neckties. Burns can immediately inflame your skin, and leaving restrictive items on can quickly cause more damage.
Do not peel items off of burn injuries: If clothing or other items have melted onto your skin, do not try to remove those items. It could worsen your injuries.
Cover and elevate the burns: Use a clean, cool cloth or bandage to cover your burns until a medical professional can attend to them. Also, try to keep the injured areas raised, ideally above heart level.
Beware of shock: Serious burn injuries may put you at risk of going into shock, which may cause breathing problems or even fainting.

After receiving emergency care for burn injuries, it’s critical to:

  • Continue getting the treatments you need:
    Medical care can help with better outcomes and recoveries, as well as a future case. In fact, medical records can document how severe your injuries are while outlining the plan for future treatment needs. Those details are essential to determining burn injury compensation amounts.
  • Contact a burn injury attorney:
    When negligence has caused your burn injuries, you will have limited time to file a claim in Louisiana. By talking to a burn injury lawyer, you can get key answers about a potential case and how to pursue the financial recovery you may deserve.

What Causes Burn Injuries?

Burns can result from exposure to fires, explosions, electricity, chemicals, toxins, and radiation. Those exposures can occur in various ways, some of which include factors like motor vehicle accidents, dangerous products, and work accidents.
Motor Vehicle Accidents & Burn Injuries
Traffic crashes often cause severe burns that are complicated by other injuries. In fact, the burn injuries from motor vehicle accidents can result from the force of an impact causing car fires and explosions. Auto accident victims can also suffer burn injuries when they are exposed to scalding debris, deploying airbags, and caustic chemicals or live currents
Burns from Dangerous Products
Poorly designed and badly manufactured products—from consumer goods and household appliances to medical equipment, industrial equipment, and vehicle parts—can malfunction and cause serious burn injuries. Often, the accidents and burns caused by dangerous products could have been prevented if manufacturers had prioritized public safety over profits.
Work Accidents & Burn Injuries
Workplace burn injuries are more likely to occur in settings and industries that involve flammable substances, volatile chemicals, power tools, and heavy equipment. This can include the construction, manufacturing, food service, welding, trucking, and oil and gas industries. While employers are generally responsible for providing safe workplaces and sufficient training for jobs that carry the risk of burns, not every employer honors this responsibility.

Why Do I Need a Covington Burn Injury Lawyer?

You need a burn injury attorney whenever it’s time for answers about a potential case—and when you want the best changes of recovering full, fair compensation for your burn injuries. The truth is that you can face several challenges pursuing a claim for compensation and that a burn injury attorney can make all the difference in how strong and successful your case may be. Here are some reasons why.
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Liability Determinations

Fault for burn accidents and injuries is not always cut-and-dry. It can take additional investigations and further analysis of the evidence to figure out each and every party that shares fault. Identifying all liable parties is the key to maximizing the recovery from a case, and that may only be possible with a burn injury attorney.
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Insurance Companies

At some point in most burn injury cases, insurance companies will get involved. When they do, they will not be on your side. Instead, insurance companies are usually looking to dodge blame and avoid payouts. A burn injury lawyer will know the tactics insurers use and will be effective at diffusing those tactics to protect your rights and interests.
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Damage Calculations

If you don’t know how much your case is worth and what you actually deserve, it can be extremely difficult to secure the full compensation you may be entitled to. A burn injury attorney can examine every detail of your case to evaluate each aspect of the available damages, including economic and non-economic damages for burn injuries.
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Settlement Negotiations

Settlement talks can be intense, high-stakes discussions involving multiple parties. This is when the insight, skills, and counsel of a burn injury lawyer can be invaluable. While an attorney can push back on low offers and strategically counter them, (s)he can also help you take a case to court if settlement negotiations aren’t successful. The Covington burn injury lawyers at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers can help you overcome these challenges, providing exceptional counsel while working relentlessly to bring your case to the best possible outcome.

Who Can You Sue for a Burn Injury?

You can sue negligent parties when their actions or oversights have contributed to your burn injuries. Depending on the circumstances and causes of a particular injury and case, the parties who may be sued for burn injuries can include (and are not limited to):
  • Auto makers who produce dangerous parts or vehicles
  • Product manufacturers who make unsafe, faulty items
  • Motorists and/or commercial drivers who cause motor vehicle accidents
  • Employers and/or other parties contributing to workplace fires and burn accidents
Hand and wrist injury first aid medical bandage during body burn of a young woman in the hospital

How Much Is Burn Injury Compensation?

Monetary settlements and awards for burn injury claims depend on case-specific factors. These can include the severity of the burns, the type of negligence involved, and the extent of the losses suffered. While these details vary from case to case, generally, the damages for burn injuries can include compensation for (but not limited to):

Talk to a Covington Burn Injury Lawyer for More Answers

When you or a loved one has suffered serious burns, the sooner you get answers, the better. Find out more about your rights and legal options by contacting a 5-star Covington burn injury lawyer at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers.

With decades of experience and a reputation for success, we have what it takes to provide extraordinary counsel and the highest quality representation when it’s time to seek financial recovery and justice. No matter how complex or tough your case may be, we are the team you can count on every step of the way.

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