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Every 99 minutes, someone in the U.S. dies in a work accident (source: BLS). That adds up to thousands of worker deaths every year. And it doesn’t even begin to include the many more catastrophic injuries others suffer on the job.

After harmful and deadly work-related accidents, survivors and families can rely on Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers for help recovering. Our 5-star Covington work accident lawyers know how shattering occupational injuries and deaths can be, and we are dedicated to helping people like you navigate the path to compensation and justice.

Strategic, persuasive, and compassionate, we are here for you, ready to help 24/7. Discover more about a potential claim by talking to a Covington workers’ compensation lawyer now.

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We have successfully resolved several occupational accident and death claims,

recovering millions for the injured and families who have lost loved ones. We are ready to make your claim and recovery our next victory.

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What Causes Most Work Accidents, Injuries & Deaths?

Safety failures, oversights, mistakes, and inexperience are the underlying causes of many job-related accidents, injuries, and deaths. Commonly, these harmful incidents involve the following (sources for all data below: data and reports from BLS).

Nearly 17% of all deadly workplace accidents involve some type of fall. About 95% of these fatal falls are happening in the private sector. While falling accidents at work can involve scaffolding accidents and falls from high areas, they can also occur without any elevation involved, like with slip, trip, and falls on icy office building floors. Consequently, construction workers and roofers are not the only ones vulnerable to falling accidents and injuries at work. Many blue-collar and white-collar workers share this risk.
Exposures to Hazardous Materials
More than 12% of all work-related deaths result from exposures to toxic, flammable, and/or volatile substances. These materials, which can cause respiratory injury, burns, and potentially death, can include acids, natural gas, industrial solvents, and caustic cleaning agents. Notably, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide have caused more fatal occupational exposures than any other toxic substance over the last decade.
Motor Vehicle Accidents
About 40% of fatal workplace accidents involve deadly motor vehicle crashes. Most of these affect people working in the transportation, trucking, and warehousing industries. However, about 12% of deadly motor vehicle accidents that occurred on the job took place in the construction industry. About 8% took the lives of those working in waste management services.
Object-Related or Equipment Accidents

Close to 14% of occupational deaths are caused by:

  • Objects hitting or falling on workers: Crushing accidents, amputations, and traumatic brain injury can happen when objects are not properly secured, operated, or maintained in a workplace.
  • Equipment accidents: A lack of safety guards, failure to follow protocols, mechanical failures, and operator mistakes can all lead to equipment accidents.
Explosions & Fires
About 2% of all fatal occupational injuries are caused by explosions and fires in the workplace. Most of these are occurring in the transportation, oil and gas, mining, and natural resources industries. While workplace fires and explosions can be caused by machinery failures or other employees’ oversights, they may also result from the negligence of contract workers, equipment manufacturers, and others.
Builder accident falls ladder on floor and unconscious
Professional refinery worker in protective uniform and hardhat standing by natural gas pipes and closing valve.

Work Accident, Injury & Death Statistics: The Big Picture

The latest statistics on workplace accidents reveal just how often people are getting hurt and killed on the job (sources: OSHA & BLS):
As harrowing as these statistics can be, they don’t come close to depicting what it’s like to have your life turned upside by a work accident. Whenever that happens, you can rely on a Covington work injury lawyer at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers for tireless advocacy and experienced counsel in the pursuit of justice.

What Are My Legal Options After a Workplace Accident?

Your legal options depend on several variables, including how the accident occurred and whether you were an employee or a contractor at the time of injury. In general, Louisiana workers’ compensation law requires employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance (with some exceptions).

The general idea is that workers’ compensation protects employees and employers by:

  • 1
    Offering benefits to injured employees, regardless of liability questions
  • 2
    Shielding employers from lawsuits
Still, it’s critical to understand that:
  • Workers’ compensation claims can come with unique challenges:
    There are strict deadlines for reporting accidents and injuries to employers, as well as firm rules for which doctors you have to visit in order to prove and maintain eligibility for benefits. That can be just the beginning of the fight to secure compensation for work injuries.
  • You may have a claim against a third party:
    Whether or not you have a workers’ compensation claim, you may have a case against a party — who is not your employer or a co-worker — IF that third party’s negligence caused your accident and injuries. Third parties could include contractors, equipment manufacturers, vehicle technicians, and others.
Find out if you have a claim and your best options for moving forward when you talk to an experienced Covington work injury lawyer at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers.

How Does a Workers’ Compensation Claim Work?

The details of the process can vary from case to case, but generally, a Louisiana workers compensation claim will involve the following steps:
Two men discussing
You report the accident and injury to your employer ASAP (and within the 30-day deadline required by law).
You get medical care. While you can choose a doctor in a distinct specialty when needed, you may be required to see a doctor selected by your employer too. And you may need your employer’s approval for certain care.
Your employer files a “First Report of Injury” claim with its insurer within 10 days of your injury report.
The employer’s insurer will file a claim with the Louisiana Department of Labor’s Workforce Commission.
The insurer will investigate the claim to determine eligibility for benefits. Investigations can include reviews of medical records, work histories, and more.
Benefits will be denied or granted, based on the insurer’s findings.

Keep in mind insurance companies do not always conduct fair,

 thorough, or unbiased investigations. All too frequently, that can mean wrongful denials of workers’ compensation claims, undercut benefits, or early termination of benefits.

Whenever that happens, a Covington workers’ compensation lawyer at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers can help you push back, appeal the wrong decision, and fight for the workers’ compensation benefits you may deserve.

When Should I Contact a Covington Lawyer?

ASAP. A Covington work accident lawyer can point out all available legal remedies, along with impending deadlines and what’s crucial to do next. Your attorney can also manage the complicated paperwork, deal with insurance companies, and take early steps to push back against any mishandlings of your claim investigation.

If your situation gives rise to claims against third parties, your attorney can handle that case as well, working to bring it to the best possible outcome.

Ultimately, that means that having a Covington work accident and injury lawyer in your corner can improve the chances of securing and maximizing compensation from your claim(s).

What Type of Compensation Can I Get after a Work Accident?

Compensation will depend on whether you pursue a workers’ compensation claim and/or a third-party case (outside of the workers’ compensation process). It can also depend on the severity of your injuries, how much work you miss due to your injuries, and other factors.

Generally, workers’ compensation benefits can include medical benefits, wage replacement benefits, and possibly rehabilitation benefits (if you need job training after a work injury prevents you from returning to the same occupation).

When third-party (personal injury) claims involving work injuries are pursued and successfully resolved for the injured, compensation can include damages for (but not limited to):

Benefits and settlements for injured workers may never make up for the physical and psychological trauma they suffer in job-related accidents. This compensation can, however, help relieve financial stress, cover expensive medical bills, and help the injured and their families start to pick up the pieces.

Talk to a Covington Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Before It’s Too Late

After a work accident, you are not alone. You can get answers about your rights and legal options by contacting a Covington work injury lawyer at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers. From workers’ compensation cases to complex third-party personal injury lawsuits, our experienced team handles it all, providing extraordinary representation every step of the way.

Let’s talk about your legal options for filing a claim and seeking full, fair compensation. We have the information you need, and we have what it takes to help you recover when it matters most.

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