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According to the family’s lawsuit, they lost a loved one because paramedics misdiagnosed a stroke, instead telling the man that he was simply under the influence of alcohol. The family reported that the man at gotten up at 3:00 am in December of 2007, limping slightly and unable to form words. His wife call emergency services. When paramedics arrived, the wife insisted that her husband had not had a drink sooner than 12 hours ago, but emergency personnel still asserted that her husband had simply drunk too much. They left. Her husband was able to get to the kitchen at 7:00 that morning, but he still could not say a word. He was taken to the hospital, where medical personnel said he had a stroke.

He was hospitalized until January of 2008, when he was then taken to a rehabilitation facility. He never spoke again. He passed away in February of 2010. The family is suing the hospital and emergency services for the misdiagnosis, and they are seeking compensation for pain and suffering, disability, medical bills, loss of enjoyment of life, and funeral costs.

Medical malpractice can be utterly devastating, and no amount of compensation can truly make up for such losses. But a lawsuit may be able to make up for financial losses, removing at least one concern from families who already are dealing with enough difficulties. In some cases, a malpractice claim can also bring a measure of justice, holding the liable parties accountable through punitive damages, which go to the plaintiffs, but are meant to penalize a particularly negligent defendant.

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