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The products we use daily should be safe and harmless. Regrettably, this isn’t always the case. Many harmful, toxic, and faulty products end up in our homes. Such dangerous products pose the risk of serious accidents, injuries, and even death to consumers who use them.

If you or someone you care about has been hurt by a dangerous product or equipment, get in touch with the lawyers at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers. Our Longview product liability lawyers have helped victims get the justice and compensation they deserve over the past two decades.

Product liability claims can be complicated. With the help of a reputable personal injury law firm from Longview, rest assured that our lawyers will go above and beyond to help you recover compensation for your injuries. We are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. Call us today to find out if you have a case.

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What Is Product Liability?

Product liability refers to the legal responsibility that manufacturers or sellers have to meet the safety expectations of customers. These parties should make, market, distribute, and sell products that aren’t defective or dangerous.

Generally, this doctrine revolves around claims that the defective products caused injuries or death to their users. Negligence in these types of cases applies to:

Product liability can involve one of the following parties: manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and retailers. In some instances, more than one party may be responsible for your injuries.
Design Defects
If a product is poorly designed or inadequately tested, such design flaws may affect how the product functions. A product that doesn’t operate as advertised may cause injuries to consumers using the product. Some examples of design defects include:
  • Cars with high centers of gravity may be more susceptible to rollover crashes.
  • Products with shoddy locking mechanisms.
  • Tiny toys that children can swallow.
  • Guns that still fire while the safety switch is on.
An experienced Longview product liability lawyer can demonstrate to a judge and jury how an alternative product design would have been safer when proving design flaws.
Manufacturing Defects
Cutting corners in production, disregarding testing products before launching them, and using inferior materials during the manufacturing process can lead to injuries and death. Some examples of manufacturing defects include:
  • Tires that are more prone to blowouts due to curing flaws or outdated rubber.
  • Talcum powder with asbestos.
  • Drugs containing toxic, hazardous, or banned substances.
Marketing Defects
This form of negligence in the supply chain happens when products don’t contain correct instructions or adequate warnings. Also known as failure to warn, this lack of guidance makes products unreasonably dangerous to consumers. Proper safety warnings and concise instructions should contain elements such as:
  • Terms like “Warning,” “Caution,” and “Danger.”
  • Pictures or images.
  • Instructions on how to use the product safely to avoid injuries.

What Products Can Cause Accidents and Injuries?

When products don’t operate as intended, they risk causing injuries to consumers. Any product with design, manufacturing, or marketing defects can lead to damages, including medical bills, pain and suffering, and property damage.

Generally, there are common products that consumers interact with on an everyday basis that can lead to defective product claims in Longview, TX, including:

  • Defective vehicle parts: Such product liability claims may involve components like engines, airbags, brakes, and tires.
  • Household items: Items that we use in our homes, including appliances, electronics, furniture, and defective child and infant products, may cause injuries and result in personal injury claims.
  • Industrial equipment: Equipment like power tools and scaffolding can lead to severe injuries when they malfunction. Manufacturers should ensure these products are accurately designed and manufactured to avert product liability claims.

Most product flaws come to light when consumers get hurt. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) may issue recalls when products cause injuries or deaths to consumers.

If you’ve sustained injuries or lost a loved one due to a defective product, Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers can help you prove that another party’s negligence led to your damages.

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Who Can I Sue for Injuries Caused by a Dangerous Product?

You may be eligible to sue various parties responsible for your injuries in a defective product lawsuit. An experienced product liability lawyer near Longview can help you determine who is liable for your injuries and push for maximum compensation.

Depending on the facts of your case, these parties may be negligent and responsible for your damages:

  • Manufacturers: A company that produces dangerous or toxic products can be at-fault if their commodities harm consumers.
  • Product designers: Experts like industrial designers and engineers may poorly design products or ignore testing the products, making them dangerous for use.
  • Suppliers: Firms have a legal obligation to supply safe products to manufacturers. Companies that choose to supply substandard raw materials for production purposes may also be liable for a dangerous product claim.
  • Retailers or distributors: If a firm continues to supply a dangerous product knowingly, plaintiffs can sue such a company for any injuries caused by the harmful product. Companies shouldn’t supply products once they become aware of the product’s risks.
You should consider the help of a reputable Longview product liability attorney during the claims process. A lawyer can gather and analyze evidence to determine who is to blame for your injury. At Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers, we will also file your claim and handle your settlement talks while you rest and recover.

Finding the Right Product Liability Lawyer in Longview, TX

Have you or your loved one been hurt by a defective product? Time may not be on your side after an injury. Insurance companies may also be investigating your case and preparing their defense.

During such a stressful time, you don’t have to deal with the claims adjusters and lawyers working with insurance companies on your own. Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers can protect your rights and interests during the entire process.

Schedule your free, confidential consultation today. Our legal team will offer sound legal counsel, ensuring you get the compensation you deserve.

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