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Mesothelioma Award in Louisiana

Just last week, a jury awarded a multimillion-dollar award to a man suffering from mesothelioma. The man had filed a lawsuit against three different companies, including a chemical company, for his lung cancer that stemmed from asbestos exposure. The man had worked as an electrician for the chemical plant in question. Papers were brought forward in the trial that were alleged to be proof of the company’s decision to save money by using raw asbestos, even though it was known to be toxic. The papers say that the company calculated that it would cost them less to pay damages for workers’ injuries than to take raw asbestos out of their operations. The chemical company has stated it will appeal the jury’s decision, but the door may be open for similar lawsuits to be brought before this company.

Asbestos exposure is one workplace hazard that causes serious injury and illness, even years later. It can lead to lung cancer, mesothelioma, and other permanent injuries to the lungs. Workers who are in construction, shipbuilding, and mining can have a heightened risk of suffering from this exposure. There is similar risk in jobs that include roofing, as well as those that require repairing air conditioners, heaters, and cars. Several other professions have this risk. But no matter the job, workers have the right to a reasonably safe work environment. In many jobs, federal and union requirements may state that employees should receive adequate training about working with asbestos, and that the environment should have sufficient ventilation. Workers should also be afforded safety gear and possibly equipment such as respirators. Workers probably have the right to have their exposure to asbestos measured, and should be provided medical exams to keep an eye on their health.

If you are a worker who comes down with asbestos-related conditions, then even if it is years after the fact, a recent diagnosis might mean that you could file a lawsuit. It is possible that you might be able to go after the manufacturer of any defective equipment, or the company that produced the asbestos. The case might be a matter of premises liability, and if so, you might be able to sue the property owner. Perhaps you can sue any contractors or sub-contractors responsible. If your employer is at fault, you may be able to get the payout that you deserve from workers’ compensation.

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