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Holding Bus Companies Accountable for Bus Accidents

If you were hit by a bus while driving or walking the streets of Marshall, Texas, it can feel like the world is against you. There might be medical bills stacking up and calls from insurance companies that try to convince you to not file an injury claim. When in such a difficult situation, we urge you to make things easier for yourself by teaming up with Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers.

For decades, our Marshall bus accident lawyers have been standing up for the wrongfully injured in all sorts of cases and situations. We will know how to best investigate and build your case to give you a fair chance of receiving the most compensation available. The legal challenges that once felt too tough for you to overcome will become worries of the past once we are working on your behalf.

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Bus Driver Negligence

After a bus accident, bus and insurance companies alike tend to blame the other motorist. With a bit of research, though, it can be found that most of the time the blame has been completely misplaced. If you know you did nothing wrong before being hit by a bus, then let us know right away by dialing (318) 221-1508. We can look into the details of the crash to uncover what the bus driver did wrong.

Examples of bus driver negligence that causes bus accidents are:


Like all other vehicles on the road, buses need to follow strict speed limits. Yet some bus drivers break the speed limit to try to regain lost time when the bus is running behind schedule.


A bus driver who has had even one drink or a recent dose of an impairing substance will become dangerous behind the wheel. Even off-the-shelf drugs like daytime medicines can impair a bus driver’s abilities.


In the regular day-to-day work of a bus driver, they can encounter all sorts of distractions, including those on the road and those from people on their bus. However, no matter how bad distractions become, the bus driver must reasonably ignore them and continue to drive distraction-free.

Commonplace negligence

Everyday human error is a major factor in many bus accidents in Marshall. Simple mistakes like failing to notice a stop sign or changing lanes without signaling can be all that it takes to cause a terrible wreck.

Is the Bus Company Liable for the Wreck?

Holding a bus driver liable for a bus accident certainly seems logical. But did you know that the bus company that employed the driver might also be liable for the accident and therefore your damages? It depends on the details of each case, but it is possible for an employee to pass liability onto their employer, at least partially, through the legal rule of respondeat superior. We can investigate to see if the bus driver who hit you was an employee, or if the bus company acted negligently.
Forms of bus company negligence that could contribute to a crash include:
  • Failing to perform routine maintenance on the bus.
  • Hiring bus drivers with no experience and then providing no training.
  • Not penalizing bus drivers who commit traffic violations.
  • Encouraging bus drivers to speed to complete routes faster.
Our law firm is familiar with bringing bus accident cases against all sorts of bus companies, too. Whether you were hit by a city bus, charter bus, private bus, or school bus, we know how to best progress your case.

Can You Sue the City for a Bus Accident?

Bus accidents involving city buses or those run by a municipal transportation department are usually more complicated than other types of claims. You do have the right to sue the city for a bus accident, but the odds can feel stacked against you. Municipal agencies usually have legal defense teams on-call to strike down claims like yours. Also, you might have a minimal statute of limitations to file your claim – sometimes only a few months or less!

We always advise people to seek legal counsel quickly after being in a bus accident. For city bus accidents, though, reaching out to an attorney as soon as possible is essentially a requirement.

Damaged bus from the accident
Head-on collision of a car and a bus at a pedestrian crossing

Leave Your Bus Accident Case Up to Us

It might go without saying but bus accident cases are complicated from the beginning. You should be resting, not getting caught up in legal details. Come to Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers and our Marshall bus accident attorneys manage everything for you, instead.

Various ways we can help manage your bus accident case include:

We are devoted to providing our clients with trustworthy and personalized legal counsel for all matters. Your case will be built from the ground up, not premanufactured. This way, we can give you a strong chance of succeeding and getting the compensation that you need to recover.

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