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You can depend on Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers if you need compassionate and responsive legal assistance to manage a burn injury claim in Monroe. With extensive legal experience handling catastrophic injury claims of all types, you know that we are ready to take on your case as well. Whether you can settle your claim with the insurance company or if matters escalate to courtroom litigation, we are on your side.
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Causes of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries can be caused by a variety of sources, such as:
  • Open flames
  • Explosions
  • Hot surfaces
  • Steam
  • Electrical devices
  • Caustic chemicals

The starting point of your burn injury case

will probably be uncovering the source of your burn and whose mistake allowed it to injure you. For example, did you get burned by the hot surface of an overheating, defective kitchen appliance? If so, then we will want to prove that the product manufacturer was negligent in its design or manufacturing of that product. This process is crucial for establishing liability, which is a legal term for “blame” or “fault” in a personal injury claim.

Burn Injury Severities

In medical contexts, burn injuries can be sorted into a system of severities. The worst the burn, the higher degree rating it is assigned.

Burn injury degree severities include:

First aid training - burn injury
First: A first-degree burn is mild and requires little to no first aid. A lawsuit would not be justified in most cases.
Second: A second-degree burn is moderate and can cause severe pain and debilitation, depending on what body part was burned. Urgent medical attention is recommended and hospitalization could be required.
Third: A third-degree burn is severe. Without immediate medical care, it can become life-threatening. Even with the proper medical attention, a third-degree burn can result in lifelong consequences and problems. Most burn injury cases involve third-degree burns for these reasons.
Fourth and higher: A fourth-degree burn is typically not considered survivable because the damage is so intense and deep.
Establishing the severity of your burn with the assistance of medical evidence is an important step when making your burn injury case. An insurance company will have a more difficult time arguing that your injuries and the related damages were exaggerated if medical professionals have already concluded that your burn was severe.
Hand and wrist injury first aid medical bandage during body burn of a young woman in the hospital
Doctor examining terrible patient's burn of hand indoors

Value of a Burn Injury Case

What is the value of your burn injury case? It will depend largely on the severity of your burn because that will affect the extent of your medical bills and lasting injuries, as mentioned. Let us evaluate your case to see what it could be worth. We will be careful to calculate damages in a way that fairly reflects what you have endured.

The value of your burn injury case will be increased by:

With some luck and plenty of planning, we might be able to negotiate a fair settlement amount in your name while dealing with the responding insurance companies. A settlement brings the benefit of resolving your case sooner than later while also removing any chances of the amount being challenged in an appeal. However, if the opposing parties do not want to be reasonable and will not give you a fair settlement, then our trial attorneys will be ready to take them to court. We aren’t afraid to get into the details of a case and the courtroom if it means doing what is right for you.

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