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Workers’ compensation benefits should be available to you if you have been hurt while working or while performing a task within the scope of your employment expectations. An important in that sentence is “should.” Insurance companies and employers alike often try to deny workers’ compensation claims because they do not want to deal with the financial consequences of paying an injured worker.

If you are encountering any trouble when filing a workers’ compensation claim in Monroe, then you should come to Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers right away. Our attorneys can also help you if you have not filed a claim yet because you are not sure how to file or that you even can file given the circumstances of your workplace accident. Our objectives from the start of your case to its conclusion are to make matters easy for you and to get as much compensation for you as possible.

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Benefits Through Workers’ Compensation

The average workers’ compensation case will provide these benefits to the claimant:

  • Medical expenses:
    None of the necessary medical care related to your workplace injury should be paid out of your own expenses. From emergency care and hospitalization to prescription medicines and co-pays, 100% of the costs should be covered by your employer’s insurance provider.
  • Disability pay:
    If you cannot return to work due to your injury, then you might be eligible for disability pay, which will vary depending on if you are expected to return to work in some capacity and when.
  • Vocational rehabilitation:
    You should be provided the tools required to start a new job position or career if you can’t return to your pre-injury work but could feasibly work in some way. Vocational rehabilitation can provide training courses, pay for educational courses, and more.

What Happens If You Caused Your Workplace Accident?

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault-based insurance program. Under its rules, an injured worker does not have to prove that any party caused their accident to qualify for benefits. This is why it is “no-fault.” If you admit that you made a mistake and got hurt because of it, then you can still file for workers’ comp.

The trade-off to workers’ comp being a no-fault system is that you cannot sue your employer for damages through a personal injury claim. You must explore your options through workers’ compensation before a case can be brought against your employer, assuming that a case can be brought against them at all.

Additionally, the insurance company can try to deny your claim if it suspects you intentionally caused your workplace injury. If it wasn’t an accident, then your injury is probably not covered by workers’ comp.

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Act Quickly to File & Manage Your Claim

If you wait too long to report your workplace injury to your employer, then you could lose every opportunity to get workers’ compensation benefits. Do not risk making this mistake. The deadline could only be days away, depending on the circumstances of your employment and your injury. Call (318) 221-1508 right away to discuss your options with our Monroe workers’ compensation lawyers.

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