Trey justin hero edit morris & dewett injury lawyers are here to help people who have suffered a loss because of another person’s negligence get the compensation they deserve. We want to help you get through this and go on with your life. Our nacogdoches personal injury attorneys are experienced in every area of personal injury law. Our attorneys want to see their clients succeed and have the experience and ability to get the job done.


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We Are Here For Your Personal Injury Needs

Being injured in an accident because someone else was thoughtless or reckless is devastating. It may be difficult to consider legal matters at a time like this, but you need an experienced personal injury law team right away. Our goal is to get our clients the recovery they need for their injuries so they can get back to living their lives.

Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers are here to help people who have suffered a loss because of another person’s negligence get the compensation they deserve. We want to help you get through this and go on with your life. Our Nacogdoches personal injury attorneys are experienced in every area of personal injury law. Our attorneys want to see their clients succeed and have the experience and ability to get the job done.

Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers has a long history of success in personal injury cases.

 Our attorneys are members of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum®, a peer-referred organization for attorneys who consistently receive these awards for their clients.

When you are looking for a personal injury lawyer in Nacogdoches, TX, look no further than Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers. We are the attorneys who get results for our clients.

What Makes Us Special

To succeed in personal injury litigation, attorneys need experience and preparation. By taking the time to build a solid case and prepare witnesses for court, attorneys may not need to go to trial. The opposing counsel may realize it’s in their best interests to settle. However, if it becomes necessary to go to court, a prepared attorney has already done the hard work before the case reaches the jury.

At Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers, we practice our craft daily. We participate in mock trials and focus groups, keeping our skills sharp and helping the next generation of attorneys learn the art of trial litigation. Practice makes perfect in any difficult profession, and our attorneys strive for perfection. Because we maintain a courtroom presence, we are seldom surprised by any case, and we may have seen a case like yours. Whatever the facts in your case, we can present them in court.

Our primary focus is our clients.

The attorneys and clients work together on their cases so that you will always know how your case is progressing. When you have questions, you can ask your attorney directly and get the answers you need. No matter what happens, this is your case, and you maintain control of it throughout the course of the investigation and negotiation.

The Morris & Dewett Difference

The thing that makes Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers special is not our multi-million dollar settlements or a flashy client roster. Our reputation rests on the way we treat our clients and the personalized attention we give our cases. Clients are treated as members of the team, and we give the most complex cases our individual attention.
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Satisfied Clients

Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers are recognized for granting client satisfaction in all areas of personal injury law. We move our cases through quickly, so they don’t linger on an insurance agent’s desk. Clients can talk to their attorneys in person or by phone at any time, and this ensures a smooth flow of information in both directions. Cases are handled by the attorney, not by junior staff, so important information isn’t lost.

Keeping clients in the loop lets us get to settlements quicker and get clients the compensation they need with less stress and litigation. The client knows all their options and hears about all potential outcomes and alternatives. Since they’ve been involved through the entire process, they know they are getting the best deal possible.

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Experienced Attorneys

Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers has better trial results than almost any other firm because we prepare each case as if we needed to go to trial tomorrow. We never take a case planning to settle. We prepare each case as if litigation was inevitable. This encourages our opponents to consider settlement as their best alternative.

This is critical for your case because the opposing counsel knows we prepare each case to fight and win. This gives them a powerful incentive to settle with us rather than enter a costly court battle they are likely to lose. Out of 100 cases we handled in 2022, only five went to trial. The remaining 95 settled out of court.

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Outstanding Preparation

Unlike TV, where all the preparation happens during the commercial break, we prepare from day one. The attorneys at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers begin preparing before you walk into our office. They participate in mock trials, jury panels, and focus groups. Our paralegals and legal assistants keep up with current developments in legal rulings and court technology.

A case is more than a stack of documents. We prepare our clients for depositions and trial examinations so you know what to expect when opposing counsel starts hammering you with questions. We make sure the witnesses understand what is expected of them as well. We’ll review any video evidence to see what it might show and gather all written records so that everything is in one place when your case is underway.

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Expert Testimony and Evidence

Judges and juries today expect experts. They want to hear someone explain why the broken widget caused the brakes to fail and how a broken leg will cause you to lose so many days from work. Knowing the right expert, someone who can explain these things in the language of law and juries is a benefit to your case.

At Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers we depend on other types of experts as well. We have experts who help us research potential jurors and jury activity, untangle complex financial records, and decipher the intricacies of the Internet. If your accident has caused injuries that need the services of a doctor or therapist, we can help you find those too. We have almost everything your case will need.

Attorney Referrals

More than half the cases handled by Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers are referrals from a fellow attorney. Our fellow law firms send their complex cases to us because of our outstanding reputation for successful resolutions. They know we will handle their clients fairly and do our best to get them the settlements they deserve for their injuries. Their reasons for sending us clients may include:
  • Lack of time. The case may be too complicated or too large for a small or busy law firm to manage alone. A small practice may not have the time for a single complex case.
  • Lack of resources. An attorney must always act in their client’s best interests. If a firm doesn’t have the experts, the staff, or the technology to handle the case, the best thing they can do is send their client to a firm that has the resources.
  • Lack of expertise. A firm may take on a case and then realize they lack the experience or training to do the best job for their client. When that happens, there is nothing wrong with sending the client to another firm that can take good care of them.
This is the Morris & Dewett difference. We have the experience, training, and professional contacts your case needs to get you the compensation you deserve.
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Our Practice Areas

When You Need an Attorney

When you’ve been injured and are facing days or weeks of recovery after surgery, the last thing you want to think about is filing a personal injury claim. You have other things on your mind besides dealing with an attorney or reviewing stacks of paperwork, and you certainly aren’t thinking about going to trial.

However, you need to think about talking to a personal injury lawyer right away. The bills are going to start mounting up, especially if your injury keeps you from working. In addition, the amount of compensation you may be able to recover with the help of a skillful personal injury attorney like those at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers is much greater than the sum you will be offered by the insurer if you’re alone.

Some of the compensation you can expect to recover may include:
Medical bills, including future treatment and future costs. The insurance companies only want to pay you your current costs. You may still be seeing the doctor or need surgery or treatment in the future. Your attorney can help you get these costs with expert testimony and witness statements.
Lost income, lost wages, and any future lost income or loss of opportunity. For instance, if you can no longer work at your previous job, and require retraining and assistance in obtaining a new job, this is part of the income lost due to your injury. You deserve to be compensated for this loss.
Pain and suffering. Sometimes called “non-economic loss” because they cannot be accurately calculated, the pain and suffering caused by your injuries are still part of your injury. Your attorney knows how to present the cost of the pain, loss of enjoyment, and emotional trauma of your injuries in a way that can be tabulated for a jury.

Proving Negligence and Fault

Personal injury cases depend on proving fault, also known as negligence. This means showing the judge and jury who was responsible for causing the accident. In Texas, as in other states, this means showing certain elements in order. Your attorney needs to show:
  • Duty

    Duty means there is a requirement to act in a certain way or to refrain from acting. For instance, drivers are expected to follow the rules of the road. This is legally described as a duty to act.
  • Breach

    This means failing to follow the duty we all have to one another. Running a red light is a breach of the duty to obey traffic rules.
  • Causation

    The breach of duty must also be the cause of the accident. If the other person ran a red light and hit your car, that would be causation. However, if they hit you because they were rear-ended and pushed through the light, it would not be causation.
  • Injury

    You can only sue if you suffered an injury due to the other person’s breach of duty. If they ran a red light, but there was no accident, you cannot sue because there might have been an injury.
  • Deadlines

    You must have filed your lawsuit within two years of the date of the injury. This is called the statute of limitations. After that, will be unable to bring your lawsuit except in specific circumstances.
Because of the complex issues involved in proving negligence, you should not attempt to file a lawsuit without consulting an attorney. For the best outcome, you should have the services of a skilled legal team to present your case to prove that the other party was at fault.
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What if You Were to Blame?

Sometimes your first question to the attorney is “What if I was partly to blame for the accident? Can I still recover?” The answers to those questions are yes, and maybe. It will depend on how much liability you had in causing the accident, and what factors may limit or mitigate your degree of fault.

Texas courts use the modified comparative negligence rule to determine fault in negligence cases. Modified comparative negligence means that the plaintiff must be less than 51% responsible for the accident to recover damages. The recovery is limited to the degree of liability. If the plaintiff is more than 51% responsible, they cannot recover anything.

For instance, if you are found to be 20% responsible for your injuries, you can still recover up to 31% of your damages. However, if you were found to be 55% responsible, you could not recover damages. Your attorney can look for reasons that help reduce your fault. For example, if you rear-ended someone at a stoplight, your attorney will review the video to see if you were hit by someone else from behind or if the driver in front of you did not have brake lights, so you were unable to see if they had stopped completely.

Insurance Company Harassment

It is no secret that insurance companies want you to settle quickly and not take them to court. They want you to take payment for your medical bills and never call them again. However, you have other bills to worry about. You have your own household bills, medical bills that haven’t arrived yet, and future costs that may not appear for weeks or months.

The insurance company’s attorneys want you to make a mistake so they can deny all or part of your claim. If they can get you to say something that will weaken your case, they will gladly do it. A casual comment like “How are you doing?” is meant to get the response “I’m fine,” meaning you’re recovered and should be back at work. If you said you were sorry to the other driver, that can be taken as a confession of guilt.

The way to avoid dealing with insurance companies and their attorneys is to have an attorney of your own.

When you have the attorneys at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers working with you, we will take the phone calls and emails from opposing counsel and insurance agents. If they want to talk to anyone about settlements or the other driver, they can talk to us. You can focus on getting better and getting back to work.

If you’ve been injured in any kind of accident in Nacogdoches, TX, and need a personal injury attorney, you need a lawyer from Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers. We have extensive experience with insurance companies and their lawyers, and we will protect your interests and make sure the case goes smoothly for you.

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