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In New Orleans, a lawsuit has been filed against several companies who allegedly placed a low-hanging cable in the way, which an opera singer ran into on his bike. The cable was said to hit him in the neck and throw him to the ground. The lawsuit further says that at the hospital, a specialist told the plaintiff that he had sustained permanent damage, damage to his neck and his vocal cords. The plaintiff formerly sang with the New Orleans Opera Association, New Fangled Opera Company, and Jefferson Performing Arts Society.

He claims that the companies were negligent in where they installed the cable, and these companies failed to meet safety standards. He also said that his injuries have caused him to lose his career as a singer and voice instructor. The plaintiff is seeking compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, loss of earning capacity, loss of enjoyment of life, and more.

While compensation cannot actually undo the damage of a serious accident, in can help those injured to face the financial and medical burdens forced on them. Especially when someone else’s negligence leaves you with permanent injuries that diminish your ability to work, you deserve ample compensation. Bicycle accidents can be one such scenario. Often, these are catastrophic accidents that result from a collision with another vehicle, sometimes because a driver was distracted or reckless. But even in accidents where no one else is involved, someone else could still be at fault for your injuries. Perhaps it was a poorly maintained roadway, or maybe a property owner failed to clear the way of hazardous obstacles. These could all the basis for a personal injury claim.

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