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In Gretna, parents have filed suit on behalf of their son who died during surgery to replace a defibrillator. They have sued a medical device manufacturer and a hospital. According to their claim, the company produced a defective pacemaker, which was implanted in their young son. He had a heart condition called Long QT Syndrome. People with this inherited condition can suffer an unexpected heart attack. The parents claim that only three weeks after the defibrillator had been implanted, back in 2007, the medical company sent out a notice that a defibrillator lead was prone to crack and harm patients. The parents are alleging that the hospital did not notify them about this vital information, and neither did the medical supply company.

The parents claim to not have been aware of the supposed defect until this year, when their son’s defibrillator signaled that it needed to be replaced. A cardiologist discovered that a lead had indeed broken. The son had surgery to take out this broken pacemaker; complications from this broken lead resulted in a heart injury, which led to bleeding and a heart attack. In spite of open heart surgery, the son sustained serious brain damage and was considered to be in a vegetative state for four months before he died.

The parents’ suit is leveling the claim that the manufacturer made a defective product and failed to warn them of the defects. They are seeking compensation for pain and suffering, catastrophic injury, medical bills, funeral costs, and more.

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