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Strategic Advocacy from 5-Star Premises Liability Attorneys Who Know How to Win

Accidents can happen anywhere — at private and commercial properties, industrial properties, public settings, and beyond. When unsafe properties are the sites of accidents and injuries, victims can have various options for justice and compensation.

At Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers, our 5-star premises liability lawyers are dedicated, tireless advocates for the injured. For more than 20 years, we have been fighting for justice when it matters most, facing and winning against the toughest opponents to help people just like you.

No matter what type of property you were hurt at, you can count on our team to provide strong advocacy and matchless representation at every step. Just contact us to get the answers, help, and support you need when it’s time to pursue a premises liability claim.

We are here for you, ready to protect your rights and help 24/7.

Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers has recovered millions in all types of premises liability cases.

We are proud to represent accident survivors, as well as families who have lost loved ones to deadly negligence. Your claim and recovery could be our next victory.

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What Is Premises Liability?

Premises liability is the legal responsibility property owners, landlords, and/or managers have for the accidents and injuries that occur at their properties. The concept is based on the notion that these responsible parties have a duty of care to visitors at their properties and that visitors are entitled to a reasonable expectation of safety.

With premises liability, it’s important to understand that:

  • 1
    The responsible parties’ knowledge and failures are key:
    Liability can come into play if property owners (or others) knew about a danger at a property or if they should have known about it because a reasonable person in the same situation would have been aware of it. Failing to take steps to prevent an accident, like not warning visitors about property dangers, is also an element of premises liability cases.
  • 2
    Trespassers are not generally entitled to compensation:
    Visitors who are welcome at properties, like those who are specifically invited or are otherwise permitted to be there, can have a premises liability case when they get hurt at others’ properties. Trespassers, however, typically don’t have a case because, by definition, they were not legally permitted to be at a given property (there are exceptions to this, however).

What Accidents Can Lead to Premises Liability Cases?

The accidents at the center of these cases can include (and are not limited to):

Keep in mind

that these accidents may occur in work settings for some victims — and that property owners, managers, and/or landlords may not be the only ones liable for victims’ injuries.

The lawyers at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers handle all types of premises liability cases, and we are highly effective at standing up to any opponent in and outside the courtroom. Whether you or a loved one has been hurt at a dangerous property, we can explain the available legal remedies and help you fight for justice.

What to Do After an Accident at Someone Else’s Property

Call 911 ASAP if anyone is moderately to seriously hurt after an accident at an unsafe property. If possible, here are some other important steps that can protect your rights and a potential premises liability claim:
  • 1
    Get medical attention.
    Doctors can prevent injuries from getting worse while documenting the physical harm suffered in an accident. If you don’t get medical care at the scene, go to an emergency room or see your physician ASAP after the accident. If you wait to get medical care, you could face more challenges with a premises liability case.
  • 2
    Report the accident to the on-site authority.
    That could be the store manager, a landlord, or a business or property owner. Depending on where the accident happens, the on-site authority may write up a detailed report for the accident. If that happens, it could be helpful to a future premises liability case.
  • 3
    Gather evidence.
    Take pictures of the accident scene, making sure to capture any broken, missing, or unsafe features. Also, collect the name(s) and contact information of any witnesses, gather debris from the scene, and keep your medical bills (related to treating your injuries).
  • 4
    Be careful
    when talking to anyone other than your attorney after the accident. That includes accident witnesses, the authority at the property, and/or insurance company adjusters. If you say the wrong thing or misreport certain facts, your words could be used against you later in an effort to try to deny or devalue your premises liability case. So, watch what you say and avoid giving any specifics whenever you’re unsure about something.
  • 5
    Talk to a premises liability lawyer
    at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers. We can help you figure out liability and the next steps. We can also manage every critical detail of your claim, positioning it for optimal resolutions while you focus on healing. We work on contingency, meaning you don’t pay us if we don’t win compensation for your claim. We do this to help alleviate victims’ financial burdens while making it a bit easier to seek justice.

Do I Have a Premises Liability Case?

A few key elements need to be understood in order to determine if you have a claim. To nail down these details, you need to answer questions like (but not limited to) the following:

Answering these questions with a premises liability lawyer at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers can help you understand if you have a premises liability case and, if so, how to move forward with it.
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When Should I Talk to a Premises Liability Lawyer?

ASAP. If you think you have a claim or you’re wondering if you should talk to an attorney, you’re generally better off seeking legal counsel as soon as you can. Here’s why:

With a premises liability lawyer in your corner,

you can be confident that you have an experienced, trusted professional looking out for you — and fighting to help you obtain the justice and compensation you may deserve.

At Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers, our premises liability attorneys are ready to put your injury claim on track for success. Let us explain how during a free, confidential consultation.

What Compensation Can Be Paid for Premises Liability Claims?

Financial recoveries for premises liability claims depend on case-specific factors. Those can include the nature of the injuries, negligence, and negligent parties involved. An attorney can help you calculate compensation and determine the value of a product liability claim, after hearing more about your situation.

Generally, however, successful premises liability cases may include compensation for economic and non-economic damages, covering past and future losses like (but not limited to):

The premises liability attorneys at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers have the skills, determination, and knowledge to secure the full, fair recoveries victims deserve. While money from these cases may never erase deep trauma and permanent losses, it can help victims begin to heal and rebuild their lives.

An Experienced Premises Liability Lawyer Is Ready to Help You Now

When you’ve been hurt at someone’s property, you could face an uphill battle trying to get the compensation you may deserve — but you don’t have to fight that battle alone. A seasoned premises liability lawyer at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers can help you fight to win.

Known for excellence in and outside the courtroom, we are proud to offer exceptional representation to the victims of negligence, and we know how to win. Discover the difference our team can make in your case and recovery by contacting us today.

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