Trey justin hero edit life can change forever after a traumatic brain injury (tbi). No matter how or where tbis happen, many of them leave victims with devastating impairments — and many are caused by some type of negligence. When that’s the case, the injured can be entitled to compensation and justice.

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Life can change forever after a traumatic brain injury (TBI). No matter how or where TBIs happen, many of them leave victims with devastating impairments — and many are caused by some type of negligence. When that’s the case, the injured can be entitled to compensation and justice.

At Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers, we are dedicated to obtaining justice for negligence victims and brain injury survivors. For more than two decades, our 5-star Ruston brain injury lawyers have been providing exceptional advocacy when it matters most. Dedicated, focused, and strategic, we know what it takes to stand up to the toughest opponents, and we have what it takes to win the most complicated TBI cases.

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TBIs Defined: What Is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Brain damage caused by an external force or some type of trauma, rather than disease or genetic disorder, is a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Generally, there are two ways for people to sustain TBIs, including via:
  • 1

    Any violent shaking of the head:

    This causes the brain to smash against the inside of the skull. Although the skull remains intact, the brain can be seriously injured. If the injury causes brain hemorrhaging, victims will need emergency medical care to avoid catastrophic, if not life-threatening, complications.
  • 2

    A blow to the head:

    If any object hits the head and fractures the skull, the resulting TBI would be classified as an open-head traumatic brain injury, rather than a closed head TBI, in which the skull remains intact.
Depending on the force involved and the area of the brain damage:

TBI Statistics & Brain Injury Facts

A quick look at traumatic brain injury statistics shows that these catastrophic injuries happen way too often, with crippling results and enormous costs involved (source: CDC).

Top 4 Causes of Traumatic Brain Injury

Unfortunately, head and brain injuries can happen almost anywhere, especially when carelessness, recklessness, or negligence is involved. Below is a closer look at some of the most common ways that negligent acts can cause accidents and TBIs.
TBI Cause #1: Falls
Falls are a leading cause of TBIs. In fact, while many minor falls result in concussion (a mild form of TBI), serious falling accidents are responsible for about 1 in 3 deadly traumatic brain injuries. Additionally, fall-related TBIs have been on the rise in recent years, surging by more than 20% since 2006 (source: CDC). When it comes to falls and traumatic brain injury:
  • A fall does not have to occur from an elevation to cause serious TBIs and irreversible impairments. Slip and falls are a common cause of moderate to severe traumatic brain injury.
  • Elderly adults are particularly vulnerable to falling down and suffering serious TBIs.
  • Unsafe properties, dangerous equipment, and failure to comply with safety regulations are just a few ways negligence may contribute to falling accidents and TBIs.
TBI Cause #2: Auto Accidents
Car accidentstruck crashesbus wrecks, and other traffic collisions cause about 50% of all TBIs and about 25% of all fatal traumatic brain injuries (source: NCBI). Additionally:
  • Motor vehicle accidents are the second-leading cause of TBI deaths and hospitalizations.
  • Individuals between 15 and 24 have the greatest risk of sustaining a traumatic brain injury in a traffic collision.
  • Although driver negligence is a primary cause of crash-related TBIs, the failures and careless acts of trucking companies, automakers, and/or others may also be involved (depending on how a crash happened).
TBI Cause #3: Defective Products
Consumer products, equipment, electronics, vehicles, and more — any of these items could hold hidden dangers if manufacturers or others:
  • Design inherently unsafe items
  • Use hazardous substances to make their products
  • Fail to test the safety of their products
  • Fail to warn the public about the risks associated with their risky products
When defective products cause harm, they could end up causing falls or auto accidents and, in turn, TBIs. However, faulty products may also cause explosions, equipment collapses, and other incidents resulting in brain injury.
TBI Cause #4: Work Accidents
Some jobs and work environments are far riskier than others. In fact, those that tend to be associated with the highest risks of job-related TBIs include occupations in which:
  • Heights are involved: Roofers, construction workers, and logging workers, for example, all have a high risk of on-the-job falls and traumatic brain injury.
  • Industrial equipment and heavy machinery are used: Maritime, oil, and gas workers, as well as those in manufacturing and other industrial jobs, are routinely using heavy machinery and complicated industrial equipment. If this equipment is poorly designed, installed, or maintained, the risk of work accidents and TBIs can surge for these workers.
With work-related TBIs, there may be options to file a workers’ compensation claim and a separate TBI claim, depending on the circumstances involved. In these situations, injured workers are best served by talking to a Ruston brain injury lawyer who can help them figure out their legal options, liability, and what to do next.

When Should I Talk to a Ruston TBI Lawyer?

Don’t put this off. Talk to a Ruston brain injury attorney ASAP when:
  • You or a loved one has just been diagnosed with a TBI after some type of accident.
  • You think you may have a claim, and you need answers and legal advice.
  • You are being contacted by insurance companies after an accident.
Whether or not you know who’s at fault — and even if you think you aren’t entitled to compensation — talking to a TBI lawyer can enlighten you to:
  • The available legal remedies: You could have more than one claim for compensation, and there may be distinct processes and deadlines for pursuing those TBI claims.
  • The challenges you could face ahead: Depending on your case, there could be various issues you should anticipate moving forward. In fact, even in the strongest cases, dealing with the insurance company alone can be a big challenge. The more you know about what to expect, the better you can prepare for it. That can help you mitigate any potential issues that may arise with a TBI claim.
  • The importance of retaining an attorney for a claim: Your lawyer can be your guide, advocate, and partner in the pursuit of justice. Beyond explaining your rights and advising you, your attorney can also handle case deadlines, court filings, insurance company interactions, and a whole lot more. Ultimately, that can be the key to setting a TBI case up for a successful resolution.
You don’t have to pay anything to talk to or retain a Ruston brain injury lawyer. In fact, you won’t have to pay for legal services until or unless compensation is recovered for your claim. So, there’s a lot you can gain — and you have nothing to lose — by talking to a TBI attorney to learn more about a potential case.

When Should I File a TBI Claim?

It’s usually best to file a traumatic brain injury case as soon as you know you have one. Here’s why:
  • You don’t have a lot of time to pursue TBI claims in Ruston or Louisiana. In fact, state law generally gives you one year to file TBI claims.
  • The evidence of fault and/or damages for a brain injury claim won’t be available forever. Typically, time will increase the risk that evidence gets lost or otherwise becomes unavailable.
  • The parties that caused your accident and TBI may already be building a defense against your brain injury claim.
  • The longer you wait to file a claim, the longer it’ll usually take to get the brain injury compensation you may deserve.

What Damages Are Included in Brain Injury Compensation?

Settlements and compensation for TBI claims will vary by case, based on the severity of the brain injuries, liability, and possibly other factors. A Ruston TBI lawyer can calculate damages for your claim and help you fight for the full financial recovery you may be entitled to.

If your claim is successful, that could result in compensation for damages like (but not limited to):

While money can’t reverse brain damage or suddenly make everything OK for victims, TBI compensation can be life-changing. It can give the injured and their families the resources they need to heal, rebuild their lives, and start to focus on the future.

A Ruston Brain Injury Lawyer Is Ready to Help You

You don’t have to fight for justice alone after you or someone you love has suffered a traumatic brain injury. Find out more about your rights and legal options by contacting a Ruston brain injury lawyer at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers.

Known for excellence and a tireless dedication to our clients, we have the experience, skills, strategies, and resources to build the strongest TBI cases and bring them to the best possible outcomes. No matter how complex your case may be, you can count on us to fight for you every step of the way towards justice.

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