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According to a recent article written by TIME, studies are showing that more and more adults are abusing the substance of alcohol. What was intended as a causal beverage has become an addictive drink, and due to the alcoholic content in it, those who abuse the drink are often times more prone to acting dangerously or even with violence. According to Sue Curry, Dean of the College of Public Health at the University of Iowa, at least 30% of adults consume more than a healthy level alcohol on a regular basis. Not only does this pose a personal health risk for the drinker, but it also can endanger family members and anyone else they may come in contact when they are drunk. The colleges’ study found that every year there are at least 85,000 preventable deaths that occur annually caused by alcohol misuse.

In the article written by TIME, the writer addresses the fact that researchers are starting to believe that all adults should be regularly check by their doctors for alcohol abuse. When interviewed, at least 21% of Americans will admit that they drink more than they should and that they will participate in risky behaviors as a result of the buzz. Sadly, these actions can lead to the physical and mental harm of more people than just the alcohol abusers. Not only can they personally suffer from mental harm or dependence, but alcohol is rated third in the leading causes of preventable deaths in the country.

The U.S. Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) is a government advisory panel that has been focusing on these factors and is currently seeking to implement higher standards to the screening of individuals who abuse alcohol; hoping to intervene more frequently and therefore preventing accidents in the future. When interviewed, a number of doctors say that they offer alcohol prevention tools to minors, though they rarely spend much time going over these with adults. Findings from the research conducted by the USPSTF shows that all doctors ought to conduct alcohol screens to adults over the age of 18 as well as those who are pregnant so that these people might be identified. When a doctor can identify these concerns, they can then point their patient in the right direction with helpful tips for fighting their addictions in order to prevent even greater alcohol abuse in the future.

These individuals who abuse alcohol are much more likely to get behind the wheel of the car and place themselves, their families and others on the road at risk of injury or death. In 2011, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that there were almost 10,000 fatalities in America caused by drivers who were under the influence of alcohol, and even more people are injured daily from these accidents as well. If you have lost a loved one to a drunk driving car accident, contact your trusted Shreveport injury lawyer at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers in order to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

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