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71 year old Samuel Leon Smith died last week in a Shreveport hit and run accident while he was riding his bicycle and was struck by an oncoming car. According to witnesses, they heard the squealing of tires in the area as the man was struck by an oncoming silver or gray pickup truck. Sadly, the driver fled the scene immediately after striking the cyclist, who lost his life from the collision. At this time, no more information is known about the suspect, and the incident is still under investigation.

Bike accidents are not uncommon, and there are a number of causes that may be associated with the incident. A driver may have been distracted while behind the wheel, on their cell phone or doing their makeup, and as a result were able to see the oncoming bike rider. Other causes include the driver failing to follow traffic laws by stopping or yielding at a sign or driver above the speed limit, while other accidents may be caused by a driver who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the collision. All of these forms of negligent driving may result in a bike rider’s severe injury or loss of life.

Studies from the Louisiana Crash Data Reports show that in 2009 there were over 750 bike accidents in the state, the majority of which result in the injury of the riders. Hat is so interesting about this study is that while riders of all ages are susceptible to accidents and injury; reports show that riders from their teens into their mid-twenties are the most susceptible to these accidents and injuries. Due to the type of transportation a bicycle is, the likelihood of a more severe injury is higher in comparison with someone who is traveling in a motor vehicle, as there is much more protecting the individual from the road or another vehicle. As such, riders may be at a much higher risk of danger when traveling to their desired destination. That; however, does not mean the right to safety is not theirs. No rider deserves to be injured on the road; it is there responsibility of drivers on the road to drier with caution in order to prevent these devastating accidents.

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