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Were you harmed by a product with an unsafe design in Shreveport?

If you suffered injuries as a result of a product with a defective design, you need a skilled Shreveport personal injury attorney advocating for you as soon as possible. Depending on the extent of your injuries, you could be facing medical bills and even lost wages and decreased income potential.

At Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers, our team works tirelessly on behalf of our clients to get the compensation they deserve. We have recovered multiple million-dollar settlements in the last year alone. Let the firm with a reputation for excellence help you hold the right parties responsible.

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Unsafe Design Cases in Shreveport, LA

Part of a broader category known as product liability, unsafe design cases involve products that are inherently dangerous because of the way they are designed. A manufacturer may have followed the item’s specifications exactly when crafting it, but a flaw in the design makes it likely someone could be injured by using it.

Successful unsafe design cases show that the company knew or should have known about the potential risk their product posed to consumers. Courts must also deem it economically feasible for the company to have created a safer design. A seasoned Shreveport personal injury lawyer from our firm can walk you through each step of the legal process and give you the best chance at reaching a favorable resolution to your case.

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Tailor-Made Personal Injury Approaches

At our firm, we do not believe in taking a “one size fits all” approach. Rather, we take the time to get to know you as an individual and to review the details of your case. We then create strategies tailored to your needs and goals. When you work with our team, you can trust you will receive only the highest quality legal services.
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