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The Importance of Seeking Medical Attention Immediately After an Auto Accident

It is common for people to experience a car accident and walk away feeling perfectly fine. However, it is crucial to understand that just because you do not feel any pain or notice any injuries immediately after a crash does not mean you are uninjured.

In fact, there are many types of injuries, known as latent injuries, which may not present symptoms until days or even weeks after an accident. This is why it is important to see a doctor as soon as possible after a car accident, even if you feel fine.

Here’s why you cannot wait to see a doctor after a crash and why seeking medical attention is wise even if you feel fine.

What Are Latent Injuries?

Latent injuries are internal injuries that do not show symptoms until days or even weeks after an accident. Whiplash is a common type of latent injury, which is why it is often referred to as a “hidden” injury. Other types of latent injuries include:


A concussion is a type of brain injury that can occur after a blow to the head. Concussions can cause many symptoms, including headache, dizziness, confusion, and memory problems.

Internal Bleeding

Internal bleeding is another type of hidden injury that can occur after a car accident. This type of bleeding occurs when blood vessels are damaged, causing blood to leak into the surrounding tissue. Internal bleeding can be life-threatening if not treated immediately.

Organ Damage

Organ damage is another severe type of latent injury that can occur after a car accident. This type of injury occurs when the force of the collision causes the organs to strike against the inside of the body cavity or to be torn.

What Are the Risks of Waiting to See a Doctor?

The longer you wait to see a doctor after a car accident, the more likely the insurance company will cast doubt on the cause and severity of your injuries, even if they were not immediately apparent. This is because insurance adjusters often try to downplay the seriousness of latent injuries by claiming that they were pre-existing conditions or are not as severe as the victim claims.

Another risk of waiting to see a doctor is that your injuries may worsen. This is especially true for concussions and other types of brain injuries. For example, a concussion left untreated may lead to long-term problems, such as memory loss, mood swings, and difficulty concentrating.

The Trusted Team at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers

Seeking medical attention immediately after a car accident is the best way to ensure that your injuries are correctly diagnosed and treated. If you wait too long to see a doctor, you may risk your health.

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