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Bus Accident in Alexandria, La? Call Our Injury Law Firm Today.

The sooner you let Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers work on your Alexandria bus accident case, the sooner we can start to make good headway toward a fair resolution. Bus companies often defend themselves with corporate firms. They don’t want you to get the full amount of compensation you deserve. It isn’t personal, though, it’s just business, which is why we make it our business to fight them!

Reasons why you can count on our legal team:

  • We are trial lawyers who are familiar with all courtroom processes.
  • We have countless five-star reviews from past clients.
  • We have a long history of great case results.
  • We focus our entire firm on personal injury cases.
You can count on us to make the most of your bus accident case. We take pride in achieving monumental case results, so you know we won’t back down or slow down until we get the best possible outcome for you.
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Will Your Alexandria Bus Accident Lawyer Sue the City After an Accident?

A bus accident claim can get really complicated really fast depending on what type of bus hit you. If you were hit by a private or charter bus, then you will have to file a claim against the bus company. This process will involve their insurance company, too, so you should be ready for some resistance.

On the other hand, if you were hit by a city bus, then your case will probably be more difficult. Suing a government entity is rarely straightforward. The city bus company is likely under the management or supervision of a county board of transportation. When suing a government entity or municipal agency, there is a reduced statute of limitations, sometimes as little as 90 days from the date of the accident.

If you were hit by a city bus, then please call (318) 221-1508 before the reduced statute of limitations expires.

Will your alexandria bus accident lawyer sue If the Bus Had No Seatbelt?

Buses are designed to not have seatbelts for all passengers, which seems like an inherent safety issue. However, private and public buses are not required to offer their passengers seatbelts. If you were hurt in a bus accident while riding as a bus passenger, and you were not strapped in with a seatbelt, it might not change the outcome of your case by that much, but it is worth mentioning to our attorneys. The more details we have about the bus and the accident, the better.

Injuries Your Alexandria Bus Accident lawyer should know about

Bus accidents often end in severe injuries due to the immense size and weight of the bus. People who are hit by buses can suffer life-changing injuries in an instant. If this happened to you, then you should fight for every penny of compensation owed to you by the defendant.

Severe injuries often reported in bus accident cases include:

When we work on a bus accident case, we care about the outcome as if we are representing ourselves. That is why we carefully calculate all damages – medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, disability, and more – to account for not just the severity of the injuries but also their permanence.

Please Call Our Alexandria Bus Accident lawyers Today

Our Alexandria bus accident lawyers are waiting to help you pursue a maximized amount of compensation for your injuries and damages. But we can’t help unless you let us. Please reach out to our team by dialing (318) 221-1508 now, so we can discuss your case during a free initial case review.

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