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Attorney Trey Morris of Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers has recently been able to make a charitable donation to the Temple of the Vision Church in Shreveport, Louisiana. The purpose of the donation was to help ten local children attend summer camp, where they can enjoy the warmer season outdoors and learn valuable lessons they would have otherwise not been able to access. He also wanted to encourage physical education and health awareness, so he purchased entirely new gym mats for the church as well.

For as long as the law firm has been in practice, it has been an active part in the Shreveport community, as well as the surrounding regions. In the past, the firm has supported the Shreveport American Veterans, Little League Softball (Benton), and the El Karubah Shrine Circus. Community involvement is important to any business and helps bring a sense of purpose to anyone, and the people of Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers know this to be true.

In addition to being there for the community through charity efforts like the one made to the Temple of the Vision Church, the firm’s legal professionals are there for the people of Shreveport by providing top-notch legal services for all their personal injury case needs. Attorney Morris has gained a reputation for allowing clients from all walks of life access to the professionalism one might expect in a large firm but the personalized care and attention that can only be found in a small firm. The attorneys can even make home and hospital visits for the convenience and comfort of their clients.

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