Mainstage v10 img 1 risky lane changes and failures to stay within a lane of traffic are a leading cause of fatal car accidents in louisiana, texas, and across the u. S. In fact, when looking at the top driver errors that cause deadly wrecks, improper lane changes is ranked fourth, playing a role in nearly 7% of all traffic deaths each year (source: iii).


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Holding Negligent Drivers Liable for Crashes Caused by Unsafe & Illegal Lane Changes

Risky lane changes and failures to stay within a lane of traffic are a leading cause of fatal car accidents in Louisiana, Texas, and across the U.S. In fact, when looking at the top driver errors that cause deadly wrecks, improper lane changes is ranked fourth, playing a role in nearly 7% of all traffic deaths each year (source: III).

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What Is an Unsafe or Improper Lane Change?

Louisiana state law and Texas statutes shape the rules of the road, explaining what’s legal versus illegal when it comes to proper lane changes. In general, these laws dictate that:
  • Lane changes should not be made unless there is sufficient room to do so.
  • Drivers should use signals or blinkers to warn other motorists of their intention to change lanes.

Beyond applying to day-to-day roadway traffic, these laws also set forth the requirements for passing and making lane changes by emergency vehicles (both those enroute to an emergency and those parked on the sides of the roads).

Any failures to comply with these laws can result in illegal, dangerous lane changes. Some specific examples of these risky, accident-causing maneuvers include:

Why Do Drivers Make Improper Lane Changes?

Sometimes, motorists suddenly dart into another lane of traffic to avoid an accident within their own lane due to, for instance, debris or another car wreck ahead. More often, however, improper and unsafe lane changes are the result of carelessness, recklessness, or negligence behind the wheel. That’s far more likely to occur when motorists are:
Drugged or intoxicated drivers tend to be less perceptive and responsive to their surroundings. They may even drift into neighboring lanes of traffic without realizing it.
Like impaired drivers, distracted drivers are usually less aware of what’s going on around them. These motorists may even look at potential dangers, like other vehicles in their blind spots, but fail to really see and perceive those risks until it’s too late. In fact, one study found that driver distraction is a factor in as many as 57% of all improper lane change car crashes.
Tired drivers tend to experience the same impairments as intoxicated motorists. In fact, 24 hours without sleep can cause similar impairments as drunk driving.
Careless about traffic laws and roadway safety
Road rage, driver inexperience, and several other factors can also make motorists careless behind the wheel, contributing to risky lane changes.
No matter why drivers improperly change lanes, these motorists can end up being liable for the crashes they cause with their risky and illegal maneuvers.

How Do Improper Lane Changes Cause Car Accidents?

There are several ways risky lane changes can cause serious car crashes in Louisiana and Texas. In fact, when a driver makes an improper lane change, accidents can happen when:

Keep in mind

that the crashes caused by dangerous lane changes can be more severe when factors like (but not limited to) the following are involved:

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