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As the holiday season grows near, more and more people are finalizing their travel plans and getting ready for family fun. Since the cost of gasoline has recently decreased and many holiday travelers have grown tired of purchasing costly airline tickets, driving has become a much more popular option for reaching one’s holiday destination. Unfortunately, greater numbers of vehicles on the roads usually means a higher likelihood for car accidents to occur. If you plan on driving long distance this holiday season, our firm has some tips that can help keep you safe.

1.Install New Wiper Blades: If you are driving with old windshield wipers that smear water rather than wipe it away, it is crucial that you replace your wiper blades before embarking on your holiday vacation. If inclement weather hits while you are on your journey and you are unable to see, you could easily be involved in a collision.

2.Check Your Tires: Making sure your tires have the right amount of pressure and sufficient treads on them can help you maintain traction on the roads and reduce your risk of losing control. To check your tires’ treads, insert a penny in between the treads with Lincoln’s head upside down and facing you. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, it is time to replace your tires.

3.Watch Your Speed: Speeding is one of the easiest ways to cause an accident. Stay within the posted limit, especially given adverse weather conditions.

4.Look for Drunk Drivers: Unfortunately, the holiday season has a tendency to bring out a higher concentration of intoxicated motorists on the roads. Keep an eye out for any drivers that are swerving or making erratic movements and keep your distance. If possible, get down a suspected drunk driver’s license plate and vehicle description and call the police. You could save someone’s life!

5.Don’t Tailgate: Following too closely behind the vehicle in front of you can expose you to a higher possibility of being involved in a rear-end accident. This is especially true at high speeds. Keep a distance of at least 2 car lengths in between your vehicle and others.

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