Trey justin hero edit if you have suffered from a burn injury, you know that it can leave you with deep pain and lifelong trauma beyond the physical scars. If the accident was caused by careless behavior, you may be eligible to file a legal claim to help you recover the damages inflicted upon you.


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If you have suffered from a burn injury, you know that it can leave you with deep pain and lifelong trauma beyond the physical scars. If the accident was caused by careless behavior, you may be eligible to file a legal claim to help you recover the damages inflicted upon you.

Our 5-star Longview burn injury lawyers have extensive experience and the capacity to understand any burn injury. We are here to fight for the maximum compensation you may qualify for while focusing on your well-being and peace of mind.

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Understanding Burn Injuries

Burn injuries can be caused by chemicals, heat, or electricity, and vary in severity. Milder burns are known as first-degree burns. These are superficial and treatable. The greater the degree, the more severe and painful the injury.
Doctor putting broken leg of young man in plaster
First-degree burns — Mild burns with superficial skin damage that only affects the epidermis.
Second-degree burns — Moderate burns with painful blistering and swelling. The burns impact the epidermis and down to parts of the dermis.
Third-degree burns — Severe burns that usually come with permanent scarring. These burns can leave leathery skin that is discolored. These burns impact the epidermis, dermis, and potentially the tissues and nerves below.
Fourth-degree burns — Severe to life-threatening damage. Blackened skin and permanent scarring accompany these burns. The burns may reach down past the dermis to tendons, muscles, bones, and other tissues.
There are many misunderstandings about burn injuries, from the psychological impacts to their medical classifications. A few things to understand include:

Longview, Texas Burn Injury Facts & Statistics

Texas, California, and New York lead the U.S. in the number of fire deaths annually. Other facts regarding burn injuries in Texas include:

10 Steps to Take After Experiencing a Burn Injury

First, it is imperative that you put out any flames and immediately call 911 if anyone has been injured. Take the following steps if someone is suffering from a burn injury:
  • 1
    Get away from the source of the burn.
  • 2
    Remove restrictive clothing.
  • 3
    Take off accessories that may be restrictive to damaged skin.
  • 4
    If something has melted onto the skin, leave it. Don’t try to remove anything from the skin.
  • 5
    Clean your burn injuries with a cold cloth.
  • 6
    While waiting for medical assistance, cover your burns.
  • 7
    Elevate your burn injuries above heart level.
  • 8
    Monitor for signs of shock, like rapid pulse, breathing complications, enlarged pupils, or fainting.
  • 9
    Follow all of your doctor’s orders to treat your injuries.
  • 10
    Speak with a Longview burn injury attorney to discuss filing a claim.
Doctor's hands holding female hand with second degree burns on white background.
Doctor covering patient's burn of hand with cotton pad indoors

Top Causes of Burn Injuries in Longview, Texas

Contact with heat sources, electrical currents, and caustic substances can cause burn injuries. You can come in contact with these in various settings and as a result of many different accidents. However, most burn injuries are caused by:

Burn Injuries from Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents, 18-wheeler wrecks, motorcycle crashes, and other traffic accidents are the most common cause of burn injuries. Motor vehicle accidents can lead to:

Dangerous Products & Burn Injuries

Defective products are a leading cause of burn injuries. These products may be heavy machinery, consumer goods, or appliances. They can result from the following negligence:
  • Inherent product defects
  • Failure to provide adequate safety warnings
  • Failure to provide clear instructions
  • A lack of safety features

Burn Injuries Caused by Work Accidents

Some industries are particularly prone to on-the-job burn accidents. Some of the occupations with the highest risk of burn injuries include:
  • Electricians
  • Welders
  • Oil and gas workers
  • Construction workers
  • Cooks and culinary workers
  • Truckers

How Can a Longview Burn Injury Lawyer Help Me?

A skilled Longview burn injury lawyer can help you with your claim from start to finish. They will assist you with:

Liability Determinations in Longview

Identifying the liable party isn’t always easy with burn accidents. It often requires careful investigations and analysis of the evidence that is best conducted by a skilled attorney with burn injury expertise.

The best burn injury lawyers will:

  • Uncover every liable party
  • Make each at-fault party pay for the harm they caused you
  • Never wrongfully blame you for your burn injuries
Eye first aid care by doctor.
Close-up of a female doctor bandaging patient's leg

Aggressive Legal Representation In Longview

It can be challenging for burn victims to receive the compensation and justice they deserve. Challenges often stem from insurance companies who:
  • Have their own interests and agenda
  • Actively work to reduce or deny your claims
  • Aren’t above using illegal or unethical methods to avoid paying you
An experienced Longview burn injury attorney will help you gain equal footing with the insurance companies and fight to make sure your claim is handled correctly.

What Damages Are Covered in Longview Burn Injury Awards?

Before making a legal claim, most burn injury victims want to know what the result may be if their case is successful. A Morris & Dewett Longview burn injury attorney can answer your questions more directly. Generally, compensation may cover your past and future losses, and you might be entitled to recovering damages even if you were partially at fault

Burn injury damages can include compensation for:

A 5-Star Longview Burn Injury Lawyer Is Prepared to Help You 24/7

It’s essential to contact a Longview burn injury attorney as soon as possible. You don’t have unlimited time to bring your claim and receive justice.

You can rely on the experienced Longview burn injury attorney team at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers for answers and advice while pursuing your case. We’ve earned a reputation as one of the best legal teams for burn injuries in Longview and the rest of Texas. Trust us when you only have one chance to succeed in your Longview burn injury case. Contact us today to learn more.

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