Trey justin hero edit research has shown that up to 56% of all car accidents involve aggressive driving of some type. Furthermore, aggression is the 8th leading cause of deadly wrecks in the u. S.


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Have you or your loved one been injured in an aggressive driving accident in Shreveport? Aggressive driving is the cause of a surprising number of accidents on Louisiana roads. If you have been affected, contact an experienced Shreveport aggressive driving attorney to discuss your legal options.

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Aggressive Driving Attorney in Shreveport, LA

Research has shown that up to 56% of all car accidents involve aggressive driving of some type. Furthermore, aggression is the 8th leading cause of deadly wrecks in the U.S.

Aggressive motorists can be held liable for the accidents, damages, injuries, and deaths they cause. Aggressive driving accident victims can bring these negligent drivers to justice. Having a specialized Shreveport aggressive driving attorney on your side can make all the difference.

Road Rage vs. Aggressive Driving: Are They the Same?

It’s easy to get confused between road rage and aggressive driving, but there is a significant difference.

Aggressive driving is defined as “the operation of a motor vehicle in a manner that endangers or is likely to endanger persons or property.” This definition covers a wide range of misbehavior in addition to outright illegal actions.

A few examples of aggressive driving include:

While these behaviors can be risky enough,

road rage is generally a more extreme and threatening version of aggressive driving and may include actions or behaviors, such as (but not limited to):
  • Cursing or making rude gestures toward other vehicles
  • Intentionally hitting other cars
  • Brandishing weapons at another driver
  • Throwing items at other cars
  • Running other vehicles off the road
Neither aggressive driving nor road rage is acceptable behavior, and both are completely preventable. However, they both still cause thousands of roadway accidents annually.

How Common Is Aggressive Driving?

Most of us have seen another driver acting aggressively on the road, but just how common is it? A self-reporting study found that nearly 80% of drivers admitted to displaying aggressive driving or road rage in the past year. The table below breaks down those numbers by behavior.

Two drivers man arguing after a car traffic accident collision
Aggressive Behavior Average Number of U.S. Drivers % of Drivers Admitting Aggressive Behavior
Intentional tailgating 104 million 51%
Yelling at other drivers 95 million 47%
Angry honking 91 million 45%
Angry or lewd gestures 67 million 33%
Blocking other drivers from changing lanes 49 million 24%
Intentionally cutting off other drivers 24 million 12%
Intentionally ramming into other vehicles 5.7 million 3%
It’s not rare for aggressive driving to happen alongside other bad behavior, errors, or outright negligence, like speeding. If you or someone in your family have been negatively impacted by an aggressive driving accident, you should contact a lawyer to fight for your rights.

What Are My Legal Options After an Aggressive Driving Accident in Shreveport?

If you’ve been the victim of an aggressive driving accident in Shreveport, it’s important to understand your legal options and how you can recover damages. An aggressive driver can be held liable for the accident, including the injuries, property damage, and suffering you’ve experienced.

Whether or not you can sue, however, depends on a few key factors, including:

  • Whether you share fault in the accident:

    Louisiana is a pure comparative negligence state, which means that even if you share some of the blame, you may still be entitled to some compensation.
  • When the accident happened:

    The statute of limitations for Louisiana, including Shreveport, is relatively short. You have one year from the accident date to file a lawsuit.
  • The damages and evidence:

    To successfully file an aggressive driving lawsuit in Shreveport, you must demonstrate that some damages, injury, or losses were involved. Additionally, there must be some evidence of the other party’s fault.
These requirements include some gray areas that an experienced aggressive driving accident lawyer in Shreveport can help guide you through. If you think you have been a victim of an aggressive driving accident, contact an attorney today.

7 Ways to Avoid an Aggressive Driver

No matter how careful you are as a driver, you can’t completely avoid aggressive driving from another motorist — but you can reduce the likelihood of an accident. Here are seven tips that can help keep you out of harm’s way:
Young arab man stressed driving car at street
Stay calm: If you also tend to get aggressive when provoked, try to keep calm and find ways to cool yourself down. If you display aggression, it could escalate their aggression, resulting in a worse outcome.
Drive defensively: If you see a vehicle displaying aggressive driving patterns, try to avoid them if you can. Consider slowing down or even pulling over if necessary.
Don’t make eye contact: Aggressive drivers may become more irate if you engage in eye contact. The risks of a confrontation spike when you look an aggressive driver in the eye.
Follow the rules of the road: If you follow the road rules, your actions will be more easily anticipated by other drivers on the road. This in itself reduces the risk of an accident.
Don’t respond aggressively: Don’t let yourself become aggravated, or at least not visibly so. This can cause the situation to escalate quickly.
Report aggressive drivers: If you see a driver displaying aggressive and dangerous behavior, call a non-emergency number to report the driver to the police. If you see the incident occur in Shreveport, call the Shreveport Police Department at (318) 673-7300.
If you think you’re in danger, call 911: If at any point you feel endangered, call 911 immediately.

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You shouldn’t have to recover from the trauma of an aggressive driving accident alone. Here in Louisiana, Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers have experienced Shreveport aggressive driving attorneys available to assist you. We can discuss your options for seeking compensation and justice.
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