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Did you know that two people are killed each day because of negligent drivers who run red lights? In Shreveport, LA, too many competent drivers have to deal with other motorists on the road who fail to obey traffic signals. Such disregard for the rules of the road can greatly increase the risk of an accident. Discover how a Shreveport lawyer can help you recover after an accident due to another driver’s failure to obey traffic signals.

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Shreveport Failure to Obey Traffic Signals Lawyer

While most drivers are careful and know that following traffic signals are vital for safety, some can act negligently, ignore traffic signals, and blow through red lights. This type of behavior significantly increases the risks of car accident-related injuries and death. Still, we see these actions daily in and around Shreveport.

Between 2016 and 2019, Shreveport reported 103 fatal car accidents, totaling 107 fatalities. For a city with a population under 200,000, these numbers are especially alarming.

Car crash accident on street, damaged automobiles after collision in city

Running Red Lights Is a Leading & Preventable Cause of Car Crashes, Injuries, and Death

Many roadway deaths could be prevented if drivers stopped running red lights and obeyed traffic signals. Around 23% of drivers surveyed admitted to running a red light in the last 30 days.

When a negligent driver disregards traffic signals and it results in a car accident, they may be liable for the injuries, damages, and suffering experienced by the victims.

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Why Do Drivers Fail to Obey Traffic Signals and Run Red Lights?

The main reason a driver may not obey traffic signs and signals is negligence. However, there could be several factors underlying that negligence, such as:
Driver distraction, impairment, or fatigue

 Inattention, drowsiness, and intoxication can negatively impact a driver’s ability and reaction time. These factors can prevent drivers from seeing and responding to a constantly changing environment. When drunk, distracted, or tired drivers approach intersections, they are at a greater risk of running a red light and causing a severe accident.

Driver inexperience

Drivers with less experience are not as used to navigating traffic signals. They are more likely to misjudge their timing about whether to stop or continue through a yellow light. Making a wrong call, can lead them to break traffic laws, confuse other drivers, and maybe cause an accident.

Road Rage

Roadway aggression is serious. An angry and aggressive driver is often distracted and motivated to drive recklessly. This may mean they will intentionally run red lights, greatly increasingly their risk of getting into a terrible car accident.

In some cases, a traffic sign could be missing or a dangerous intersection is in need of a new warning sign. In Shreveport, LA, you can contact the Department of Public Works, Traffic Engineering to report a missing sign or request a new sign in your neighborhood.

Red Light Accident Statistics

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and the American Automobile Association (AAA), the statistics on intersection accidents and red light wrecks highlight the prevalence and deadliness of these crashes:
Traffic lights and pedestrian crossing sign in a city.
Cars stop red traffic light at the intersection of the asian highway
These statistics can be hard to swallow,
especially knowing that these types of accidents can easily be avoided. Still, no statistic can do justice to victims who have suffered serious medical injuries due to another driver’s negligent or reckless driving.
If you have been the victim of a similar injury,
contact an experienced Shreveport failure to obey traffic signals lawyer today to discuss your rights and legal options.

How Do I Prove That Another Driver Ignored Traffic Signals and Caused a Crash in Shreveport?

If you’ve been in a car crash due to another driver ignoring traffic signs or signals, there are several ways you can establish liability. Proving the other party’s fault may include evidence like:

If your accident happened in Shreveport or surrounding areas in Louisiana,

you can consult a map of Louisiana’s red-light cameras to see if it may have caught footage.

If you aren’t sure if you have enough evidence for a lawsuit, contact a specialized Shreveport failure to obey traffic signals lawyer to discuss your potential case.

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