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Attorney B. Trey Morris of Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers has attended the 2015 CLE à la Carte Seminar hosted by the Louisiana Association for Justice in December. In addition to attending, he was given the opportunity to teach one class in New Orleans and another in Baton Rouge with the assistance from Justin C. Dewett and G. Adam Savoie. As the seminars and the association itself are widely viewed as some of the most prestigious events and groups in Louisiana’s legal scene, it was a true honor for the firm to have Mr. Morris present not once but twice.

Closing out both days of the CLE à la Carte Seminars, Attorney Morris chose Deposition Prep and Strategies for Trial and Mediation as his topic of instruction. The aim was to educate those in attendance of advanced mediation techniques, as well as give them a greater understanding of litigation as a whole. Many lawyers and legal professionals out there have years of experience but have barely set foot in the courtroom or, inversely, take many cases to trial but rarely use mediation. Attorney Morris, along with Mr. Dewett and Mr. Savoie, were able to show the attendants the benefits of both legal strategies and how they can be used in unity for greater results.

At the end of the day, our firm feels it is important to give back to the legal community of Louisiana in any way we can. Through Attorney Morris’s efforts and seminars, we believe our colleagues and future generations of legal professionals have greatly benefitted from his knowledge and counsel.

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