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Devastating truck accidents happen thousands of times each year. To make matters worse, not everyone who is hit by a negligent truck driver gets the compensation that they need to recover without draining their finances. Do not let this unfortunate situation happen to you without putting up a fight.

Come to Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers in Bossier City and tell us what happened. You might have a chance to secure significant compensation from the liable parties, which might go beyond just the truck driver. With our legal professionals on your side, you can leave everything up to us, so you do not have to worry about getting caught up in the details when you should be resting.

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Truck Driver Negligence

In most truck accident cases, the liability for what happened can be clearly traced back to a mistake of the truck driver. When driving such an enormous and heavy vehicle, a single moment of negligence can spell disaster. We know how to investigate a truck accident to figure out exactly what the truck driver did wrong.

Common forms of truck driver negligence include:

Driving while exhausted
Truck drivers often work for longer than 12 hours in a day. When factoring in travel time before a shift and breaks, a workday can easily reach 16 hours. Perhaps needless to say, truck drivers can feel completely exhausted during their shift.
To try to finish a route quickly and avoid exhaustion, some truck drivers will break the speed limit. This is never a safe idea. A speeding truck needs much more open road to come to a complete stop, so the risk of a rear-end collision will spike.
Unsafe lane changes and merges
Commercial trucks have huge blind spots on all four sides. Truck drivers must use their turn indicators and give drivers a reasonable amount of time to move out of the way when the truck needs to turn, change lanes, or merge.
Large cargo truck turned over on road traffic accident at day
Rollover truck on road, car crush

Trucking Company Negligence

Some truck accidents are not caused purely by the mistakes of the commercial truck driver. Investigations might reveal that the company that employed that truck driver also made inexcusable judgment errors that contributed indirectly or directly to the crash. If this happened in your case, then we might be able to file against the trucking company’s insurance policy, which could make it simpler for you to get full compensation before insurance caps hit.

Different forms of trucking company negligence include:

Third-Party Negligence

Did you know that some truck accidents can be caused by third parties that you might not have even known existed? It is true. Third-party negligence is a serious concern in the trucking industry. Many companies and parties are involved in the average shipping route, and a serious mistake at any point can dramatically increase the risk of a truck accident happening later.

Examples of third-party negligence that causes truck accidents include:

  • Mechanics and repair companies: If a mechanic fails to correctly maintain or repair a defective or damaged truck part, then that defect could cause a crash, such as if the brakes fail.
  • Load crews and retail companies: People who load cargo onto a trailer are usually hired by the company that received or sent the load. If they overload a trailer or make it top-heavy, it can become more prone to crashing or tipping over.
  • Departments of transportation: Municipal transportation departments must keep roads safe for motorists and truck drivers alike. Unclear road signs or damaged roads can be the direct cause of a truck accident.
We know how to file an injury claim against any person, party, or insurance policy. No matter who did what to cause your crash, you can rely on us to investigate the case, make a claim, and pursue full compensation.

Severe Injuries Suffered in Truck Accidents

Truck accidents usually result in catastrophic injuries suffered by the people in the other vehicle. The intense difference between the truck’s weight and that of the other vehicle makes for a devastating impact, even at relatively low speeds. For this reason, insurance companies are more likely to deny a truck accident claim. They know that the claimant could be owed tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation, so it does not want to admit any liability.

Injuries that often happen in serious truck accidents include:

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If you are living with a traumatic injury due to a truck accident, then you should do everything you can to get the compensation you need to recover comfortably. Start by coming to Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers in Bossier City. We are the team that can manage all aspects of your case, no matter how complicated or difficult they might seem right now. Let us show you what we can do when we are on the case.

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