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Intersections are vital junctions where streets, vehicles, and road travelers converge. Despite their key role in modern transportation, intersections are also the sites of far too many auto accidents each year. In fact, about 1 in every 3 fatal car crashes occurs at an intersection (source: FHWA).

Whenever wrecks happen in intersections, negligence is often involved — and investigating the crash can be integral to figuring out who’s responsible for it and how to recover.

At Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers, we are dedicated to helping intersection accident victims seek justice, sue, and win full, fair compensation. Strategic, tenacious, and fearless, our intersection accident lawyers have decades of experience going up against the toughest opponents to help our clients win when it matters most.

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What Types of Car Accidents Happen at Intersections?

Nearly any type of motor vehicle crash can occur at an intersection — and that includes intersections that are:
  • Signalized:

    Traffic signals at intersections can time and facilitate the safe flow of traffic. Tragically, however, about 33% of all deadly intersection accidents happen at signalized intersections (source: FHWA).
  • Non-signalized:

    Intersections without signals can include roundabouts, intersections with traffic signs only, and intersections with no signage. Motorists who are unfamiliar with how to safely navigate non-signalized intersections can face far greater crash risks at these junctions.
When collisions happen near or in an intersection, they tend to involve crashes like (but not limited to):
No matter what type of crash occurs in an intersection, victims can get essential support and fierce advocacy from Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers.
Cars stop red traffic light at the intersection of the asian highway

What Causes Most Intersection Car Accidents?

Like other types of auto crashes, intersection car accidents most often result from some type of negligence — and that negligence typically involves human errors. In fact, most intersection crashes are caused by motorists’ and other travelers’ mistakes and failures on the roads, including (but not limited to):
These and other human errors on the roads are most likely to occur when motorists and/or pedestrians are:
With or without these crash-causing errors, other factors that can play contribute to intersection accidents include:
To pinpoint the precise causes of your intersection crash, it’s best to:

Intersection Accident Statistics

The latest statistics on intersection accidents reveal how common these wrecks are and how often they’re exacting severe harm on those involved (source: FHWA):

These facts begin to uncover some of the key ways that regulators, drivers, and others can take action to prevent future intersection crashes. The numbers, however, don’t do justice for the victims of these wrecks. The intersection accident attorneys at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers can, though. We are skilled at helping crash victims just like you assert their rights to recovery and justice — and we’re ready to start helping you now.

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How to Prevent Intersection Accidents: 10 Safety Tips

Whether you’re driving, riding, or walking through an intersection, here are some simple steps you can take to stay safe and minimize your risk of an intersection accident:
Car crash accident at intersection on street,
Stay focused and alert as you approach and travel through an intersection.
Be particularly attentive to any pedestrians, motorcyclists, and/or bicyclists sharing the roads with you at an intersection
Always leave enough room between your vehicle and the vehicle you’re following.
Use your signals AND check your blind spots before changing lanes or making turns at an intersection.
Never speed up as you approach an intersection. Either maintain your speed if you have a green light or safely slow down as you prepare to stop.
Always comply with all traffic laws while traveling through intersections.
If you’re stopped at an intersection, always wait a few seconds before proceeding through just in case another motorist decides to run a red light or blast through a stop sign.
Drive defensively near intersections and be ready for others to break the laws.
Go extra slow at intersections whenever there’s construction or bad weather.
Be especially careful when driving near 18-wheelers at intersections. Trucks make wider turns and have larger blind spots. Both of those factors can be particularly risky at intersections.

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