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It is understood that offshore workers and seaman are in a dangerous environment, with lives at risk frequently. However, when employers and fellow employees abide by the necessary safety procedures they can go about their work trusting that they are secure. Unfortunately today, there are numerous employers who negligently fail to uphold the necessary safety precautions on their jobs sites, either offshore or on land; and as a result, many people are injured and killed on a daily basis.

A New Orleans seaman has just recently filed a lawsuit against his employer for negligence that led to his brain injury. Larry Bright was a Jones Act Seaman for Blue Martin Services when he was injured in an accident back in October of 2010. According to his lawsuit filing, he claims that the defendant, his employer, failed to provide the necessary and immediate attention needed to help Bright medically. Bright claims that his employer’s actions were negligent on a number of levels; not only was the proper medical treatment provided to him in his time of need, but the employer overall did not provide his workers with the necessary safe environment that the law so requires.

In this instance, and so many other workplace injuries, the employer is accused of not training his staff properly to implement the safe environment that is needed in such a dangerous work area. Bright addresses the fact that not only was there little supervision in the area; the employees were never fully trained to accomplish their tasks properly. Bright did not accuse the defendant of not training the employees in safety precautions, nor did the workplace provide the minimum requirements for safety on the site.

At this time Larry Bright with the help of his attorney is fighting for compensation not only for his brain injuries but also for his overall pain and suffering, loss of wages as well as future earning capacity, numerous medical expenses, punitive damages, and more. Sadly, cases like Larry Bright are not unheard of in today’s society. Whether you are an offshore worker or a construction worker on land, there are numerous requirements that your employers are called to abide by; and when that does not happen, people are injured and killed. It is the responsibility of the company to implement whatever is necessary in order to protect their employee’s safety, health, and very lives.

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