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Proudly Representing Injured Offshore Workers & Recreational Boaters

Whenever you’re offshore and on the open sea, safety needs to be the number one priority to help keep everyone safe and sound. When a third party forgets this basic tenant, it can put people in immediate and severe danger.

Morris & Dewett in Fort Worth can help you if someone else’s negligence led to your offshore accident. We have the experience and skills required to handle the most difficult offshore accident cases. Whether you were working offshore for your employer when a disaster struck or if you were on the ocean for a recreational reason, allow us to be the law firm you trust first and foremost to manage your claim or lawsuit.

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Unique Offshore Accident Laws

The main reason why you should hire an offshore accident attorney is that there are so many unique laws dealing with injuries that are suffered when offshore or on the open sea. Understanding these laws can be crucial to the formation and success of your case, but you probably don’t have the time, energy, or resources needed to dive into the legalese. By hiring our Fort Worth offshore injury lawyers, you immediately gain all of our insight and legal knowledge as if it was your own.

Our law firm is well-versed in various laws and regulations dealing with offshore accidents, such as:

Jones Act
Under the Jones Act, maritime workers can more easily file injury claims against negligent employers, especially when the injury was caused by an unseaworthy vessel. Jones Act benefits are greater than typical workers’ compensation benefits, too.
Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA)
Maritime workers who aren’t protected under the Jones Act might gain the benefits of the LHWCA, which provides unique workers’ compensation coverage for longshoremen, harbor workers, and others who work in the maritime industry but don’t necessarily leave the shore.
Death on the High Seas Act (DOHSA)
If you lost your spouse to an offshore accident, then the DOHSA can provide legal recourse to seek compensation that otherwise would be unavailable due to the location and circumstances of your spouse’s untimely passing.

Offshore Accident Claims for Workers

Were you working offshore when an accident struck? Filing a claim against your employer will be difficult and put you in an awkward situation. Let us help to make sure you get all the coverage and benefits you need through workers’ compensation, the Jones Act, and/or other avenues.

Oftentimes, employers try to convince their workers that they can’t file a claim after being hurt on the open seas. They might make it seem like it is impossible to file a claim because no laws govern where your accident happened. As we just reviewed earlier on this page, you now know that is not true. Let us take the case against your employer the moment they give you any trouble.

Other Offshore Accident Cases

Of course, not all offshore accident cases involve the mistakes of an employer or the dangers of working on the ocean. Many of these accidents involve people who were on the water for recreation. In such a situation, we will have to carefully investigate the accident to determine why it happened and, therefore, who is liable for the resulting damages.
Recreational offshore accident cases we can work on include the following and more:
The damages available to you after an offshore accident unrelated to your employment could be unique and extensive. But you don’t have to worry about knowing what compensation to seek and how, not when you put us in charge of your case.
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Arrange a No-Cost Consultation with Our Firm

Learning about how to start an offshore accident claim in Fort Worth is simple if you team up with Morris & Dewett Injury lawyers. We offer case consultations that are free and no-obligation, meaning you don’t have to pay anything upfront or sign a contract to learn more about your legal options. Just call (318) 221-1508, and we will get you pointed in the right direction.

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