Mainstage v10 img 1 when you head out to hunt, you expect to return with food or a trophy, not an injury that can lead to lifelong repercussions. Worse, hunting accidents can sometimes lead to the loss of human life. These accidents can occur due to negligence on the part of another hunter, a property owner, or even the weapon manufacturer. When accidents occur, you may have the right to pursue compensation for the damages related to the incident.  

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When you head out to hunt, you expect to return with food or a trophy, not an injury that can lead to lifelong repercussions. Worse, hunting accidents can sometimes lead to the loss of human life. These accidents can occur due to negligence on the part of another hunter, a property owner, or even the weapon manufacturer. When accidents occur, you may have the right to pursue compensation for the damages related to the incident. 

At Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers, our hunting accident lawyers understand the complexity that often follows a devastating hunting accident. This can include:

  • The losses you may face
  • The damages you may have to contend with
  • The issues you may face with getting the insurance company to acknowledge the extent of your losses
  • And more

We fight to help hunting accident victims as they pursue compensation for their injuries and protection for their rights. 

How Hunting Accidents Occur

Hunting accidents can occur in a variety of ways. 

Property Hazards

If you’re hunting on private property in Louisiana or Texas, the property owner should warn you about any potential hazards on the property. Of course, some hazards, from tree roots to falling branches, are impossible to predict. 

Yet, in other cases, the property owner may know about potential dangers, including unexpected drops or uncovered wells on the property that could lead to serious injury. The property owner should label those areas, warn users about them, or fill in or repair hazards to make the area safer for visitors. 

If the property owner does not exercise due care in informing you about hazards (which they should have known about already), you may have grounds for a personal injury claim against the property owner. 

Weapons Malfunctions

When a weapon fails to operate properly, it can create a serious problem for both the person using that weapon and anyone else in the area. A malfunctioning weapon can go off at the wrong moment, resulting in it hitting an unintended object or person. Trying to clear a jam or otherwise fix a damaged weapon can also increase the risk of injury to the user. 

If a weapon malfunctions, leading to a hunting injury, you may have grounds for a personal injury claim. Who you file that claim against, however, can depend on how the weapon malfunctions and who bears liability for it. In cases where a manufacturer defect led to the problem, the manufacturer of the weapon may bear liability. On the other hand, in some cases, the hunter who owns the weapon may bear liability for a malfunction. That may include cases of:

  • User error
  • Inadequate maintenance
  • Using the wrong ammunition

If you suffered injuries in a hunting accident due to a weapon malfunction, a hunting accident lawyer will review your case and the incident to get a better idea of who likely bears liability for it. 

Hunter Error

Hunting with a friend or companion can increase your fun and, in some cases, keep you safer. A companion can help summon help if you suffer an injury or help you find your way out of a confusing area. However, other hunters can also increase the danger, especially if they do not follow adequate safety precautions. Another hunter may cause an accident in several ways:

  • Goofing around, especially with a weapon
  • Failing to be sure of his background when shooting
  • Ignoring weapons safety protocols

When another hunter causes an injury, that hunter may bear liability for the damages you sustained in the accident. 

Morris & Dewett: Hunting Accident Lawyers

When you suffer injuries in a hunting accident, you need a personal injury lawyer to help you navigate your hunting accident case. From catastrophic injury claims to wrongful death claims, Morris & Dewett has the tools you need to successfully fight for fair compensation after your injury. 

We Focus on Your Rights

After a hunting accident, it may feel as though everyone wants to minimize the extent of your suffering or prevent you from getting fair compensation for your losses. When you deal with the liable party’s insurance company, the company may try to minimize the extent of your damages to avoid paying out the full compensation for your losses. 

At Morris & Dewett, however, we focus on your rights. Our first duty is to our clients, and we fight to ensure that you get the best possible results from your case. 

We Have the Experience You Need

Morris & Dewett’s hunting accident lawyers have successfully helped our clients across numerous personal injury claims and types recover compensation for the damages they sustained in their accidents. In fact, we have helped our clients recover millions of dollars in damages following accidents caused by the negligence of others. While we cannot guarantee the compensation you will recover after your hunting accident, we can guide you through the claim process and fight on your behalf.

Damages in Hunting Accident Claims: What to Expect

There are two main types of hunting accident claims: personal injury claims, which you can file when you suffer injuries in a hunting accident, and wrongful death claims, which you may have the right to file when you lose a loved one to a hunting accident. 

Personal Injury Claims

Serious hunting accident injuries can leave you struggling financially as well as physically. A personal injury claim for a hunting accident provides you with the compensation you need to manage some of those financial issues. 

Medical Costs

In many cases, the medical costs related to a hunting accident will serve as the foundation of your personal injury claim. Those medical costs can prove financially devastating. Across the United States, average costs to treat gunshot wounds rise as high as $154,000 per wound. That can include the cost of:

  • Emergency medical transportation, which can prove even higher if you require assistance leaving a remote location
  • Hospitalization
  • Surgery
  • Physical or occupational therapy 
  • Durable medical equipment

Make sure you keep track of all medical bills associated with your hunting accident injuries so that you can include them as part of your comprehensive injury claim. Your hunting accident lawyer can help you break down your medical bills, including co-pays and deductibles. 

Income Losses

A weekend hunting trip can quickly turn into being out of work for long periods due to the complexity of your injuries. While in the hospital or a recovery facility, you may not be able to work at all. Your employer may also have policies that prevent you from returning to work until you have had a chance to fully recover from your injuries. Meanwhile, you will miss out on your usual income, which can cause immense financial hardship.

As part of your hunting accident claim, you can include the wages you lost because of your inability to work after the accident. Include the wages you:

  • Missed immediately after your accident 
  • Missing wages from part-time work due to your recovery 
  • Lost wages because you had to miss work for follow-up appointments or procedures

Pain and Suffering

Personal injury claims don’t solely focus on the financial damages you sustained because of the hunting accident. They can also provide compensation for the suffering you had to contend with. Don’t just take your physical pain into account; depending on your case, you may want to consider emotional anguish. 

This may look like the loss of independence after your accident, your changed relationship with friends and loved ones, and more. Talk to your hunting accident lawyer about the specific suffering you faced and how you can include it as part of your personal injury claim.

Wrongful Death Claims Following a Hunting Accident

Losing a loved one in a hunting accident feels utterly devastating. Not only do you have the emotional loss of your loved one to deal with, but you may find yourself struggling to process the financial ramifications of your loved one’s loss. 

At Morris & Dewett, our wrongful death lawyers can help you take a closer look at the damages you have the right to claim following the loss of a loved one. While a wrongful death claim will not bring your loved one back, it can provide you with the funds you need to manage final expenses or account for your loved one’s missing income. 

Final Medical Costs

As with a personal injury claim, a wrongful death claim may include compensation for the final expenses your loved one incurred. In some cases, your loved one may have lingered for some time before dying of their injuries, which can mean substantial medical bills. Provide those medical bills to your hunting accident lawyer so you can include them in your claim.

Loss of Your Loved One’s Income

Losing your loved one’s income, especially if your loved one was the primary breadwinner, can be devastating for your family. Suddenly, you may need to figure out how to manage your finances without that vital money coming in. A wrongful death claim can provide compensation for the loss of the income your loved one provided for the family, which may make it easier for you to rebuild your financial status. 

Loss of Services Your Loved One Performed

In addition to providing income for the family, most people will provide several services to the family. They may take care of child or senior care, clean the house, or take care of the yard or vehicles. For many families, losing the person who performed those services means you will have to pay someone else to take care of them. Talk to your hunting accident lawyer about those services and how to include them in your claim.

Loss of Your Loved One’s Presence

Losing a loved one causes much more than just immense financial challenges. It also means significant emotional losses that can impact your entire family for the rest of your lives. Compensation for the loss of your loved one cannot bring them back, but it can provide you with much-needed funds that can make it easier to rebuild your life in your loved one’s absence. 

Who can file a wrongful death claim? 

You may have the right to file a wrongful death claim when you lose a loved one in a hunting accident due to another party’s negligence. If your loved one would have had the right to file a hunting accident claim if they had lived, the surviving family may have the right to file a wrongful death claim after that individual’s death. 

Generally, the closest family member to the victim will have the right to file the wrongful death claim. First, that is usually the victim’s spouse. If the victim does not have a spouse, the victim’s children may have the right to file a claim. If the victim does not have a spouse or children, their parents may have the right to file a claim. 

The Statute of Limitations in Hunting Accident Claims

The statute of limitations outlines how long you have to file a claim following any type of accident, including a hunting accident. Each state sets its own statute of limitations. 

In Louisiana, you have one year after the date of an accident to file a claim before the statute of limitations runs out. In Texas, on the other hand, you have two years from the date of the hunting accident to file a claim. 

How a Hunting Accident Lawyer Can Help 

Having a hunting accident lawyer working on your behalf can make a huge difference after your accident. Most clients will recover more compensation when working with a hunting accident lawyer than they can recover on their own, even once they take care of their legal fees. 

At Morris & Dewett, we start with a free consultation to go over the injuries you sustained in your hunting accident or the financial losses you sustained due to the loss of a loved one. Then, we accept clients on a contingent fee basis. This means that you don’t pay until we win.

A hunting accident lawyer offers numerous advantages to your case. 

Clearly Lay Out Your Damages

In many cases, insurance companies will fight to minimize the compensation they have to pay after a hunting accident, including undervaluing the extent of your damages. A hunting accident lawyer can lay out the full damages you sustained, allowing you to clearly show the insurance company what damages you sustained. 

Furthermore, a hunting accident lawyer will show evidence of when your injuries took place and put together a compelling claim. This increases the odds that the insurance company will accept your claim and pay fair compensation. 

Display Evidence Related to Your Accident

Hunting accidents can occur for several reasons, including negligence on the part of the hunter. In some cases, you may know that a gun malfunctioned, but the insurance company may try to show evidence that you or another hunter in your party committed the error that led to your injuries. 

A hunting accident lawyer can investigate all the potential causes of the accident, including working with experts to get a better idea of how the incident occurred. Then, the lawyer can present that evidence as part of a comprehensive claim that lays out liability for the accident. 

Negotiate Aggressively

Dealing with the insurance company can quickly turn into a headache. You know what damages you sustained and what compensation you should reasonably expect. The insurance company, on the other hand, may refuse to pay out reasonable compensation for those damages. 

A hunting accident lawyer can aid you in the negotiation process, decreasing your frustration and increasing the odds that you will recover fair damages. 

Present Your Claim in Court

Going to court over a hunting accident can further delay your ability to recover the compensation you expect for your injuries. Furthermore, it may leave you dealing with a judge or jury instead of negotiating with the insurance company directly. A hunting accident lawyer can represent

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