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Third-Degree Burn Injury Lawsuits in Texas

Severe burn injuries call for serious legal representation. If you are struggling with the aftermath of a burn injury that has changed your life, then call Morris & Dewett to speak with a Marshall burn injury lawyer. We have built our careers on successful catastrophic injury cases like yours. We know how to build strong cases that can stand up to the intensity and defense strategies of the opposition, even when there is a major insurance company on their side.

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Burn Injury Severities

When working on your burn injury case, we need to know the severity of your burn. This medical classification could influence how we approach investigations of liability, damages, and so on. Your medical record should include the severity of your burn, but if it does not, then we can connect with medical experts to figure that out.
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Burn injury severities are categorized by varying degrees:
First: A first-degree burn is mild and requires no medical attention other than basic first aid like a cold compress. First-degree burns typically do not justify an injury claim or lawsuit.
Second: A second-degree burn is moderate and should be treated in an urgent care center. If untreated, the burn could scar, heal incorrectly, or become infected. Depending on the complications caused by a second-degree burn, an injury claim could be necessary.
Third: A third-degree burn is life-threatening and requires emergency medical attention. If untreated, the burn could be fatal or cause permanent disabilities. The majority of burn injury claims are filed after the claimant suffers a third-degree burn.
Fourth: A fourth-degree burn – or higher – is considered a fatal burn in most situations. Even with emergency medical treatment, the victim is unlikely to survive due to the extent of the burn. A wrongful death claim might follow.

Medical Treatments for Burn Injuries

Treating a third-degree burn is an intensive medical process. It is not as simple as treating burned skin because such burns destroy underlying tissues, like muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The first step will be emergency care, which is then followed by extended hospitalization. At that point, the medical team caring for you will have to decide what additional treatments are necessary.

Burn injury treatment options often include:

  • Skin graft:
    Severe burn injuries are often treated with skin grafts, which are specialized surgical techniques that take skin from one body part and place it over the burn. It is an intense and painful procedure that might take multiple surgical sessions to complete. Any pain and suffering you endure during skin graft procedures should be factored into the value of your burn injury claim.
  • Rehabilitative therapy:
    Burns that destroy muscles and other soft tissues will debilitate you. To regain mobility and strength in impacted body parts, you might need months or years of rehabilitative therapies.
  • Amputation:
    In worst-case scenarios, an emergency surgery team might have to make the tough decision to amputate a burn victim’s affected limb. Amputation is more likely if the damaged tissue threatens to cause necrosis in other unburned body parts.

The cost to receive any of these treatments can be monumental.

Some specialized treatments might not even be covered by your healthcare insurance policy. For this reason and more, it is crucial that you fight for every dollar owed to you by the liable party. Let our Marshall burn injury lawyers help.

Will Your Burn Injury Claim Settle?

If your burn injury claim settles, then you will enjoy the benefit of receiving much-need compensation sooner than later. But there is no guarantee that your claim will settle. Although most legally sound injury claims are settled out of court, complications with your case could cause it to move toward litigation.

We know that you want to recover from your burn as quickly as possible and put this harrowing experience behind you. Our team will be dedicated to securing a fair settlement in your name without delay. However, if a suitable settlement is never offered, then we will be ready to go to court for you if that is how you want to proceed.

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