Trey justin hero edit injuries that are often suffered in offshore accidents include:


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Protecting the Rights of Injured Oilrig Workers & Others
Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers can help the injured in Monroe seek compensation after an offshore accident. Even though Monroe is about three hours inland from the Gulf, many people from the region find work on offshore installations or for boating operations like fishing. We are honored to be the top name they trust when it comes to helping them with their complex injury cases, which sometimes get wrapped up with workers’ compensation concerns as well.
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Offshore Accident Injuries

Working offshore – such as on an oilrig, freighter, or another sea vessel – can be dangerous. Even under the best conditions, the sea can be unpredictable, and accidents can and do happen.

Injuries that are often suffered in offshore accidents include:

No matter what sort of injury you suffered, it is important to know how you can seek compensation for it. This will depend on what you were doing when you were injured, and if that had anything to do with your employment. Our attorneys can help sort these details out, so you can begin pursuing a recovery sooner than later.

Workers’ compensation is available to most workers

 who are employed in an industry that conducts business offshore. Through workers’ comp, you can get medical benefits and wage replacement benefits without the need to prove that you were not liable for your accident and injuries. Employers get the benefit of becoming immune to being held directly liable through a lawsuit, so workers’ compensation is often the first choice if it is available.

However, workers’ comp is not always an option for offshore accident cases. If you were not working when you were injured, or if you were working as an independent contractor who has not been covered by workers’ comp, then a personal injury claim could be your only option.

Although injury cases and lawsuits could take more effort to succeed,

they do come with the added potential to secure larger compensation – like non-economic damages for pain and suffering – that would not be possible in a workers’ comp case.

Thanks to our vast legal experience, we are capable of representing and assisting you with your case, be it a personal injury case or a workers’ compensation case. Trust in our team to do what is right for you.

Fighting for the Most Compensation Possible

After an offshore accident, you could be down and out for a while. Let our Monroe offshore accident attorneys help manage your injury claim or workers’ comp case, so you can pursue the most compensation possible without putting more stress on your shoulders. When the going gets tough, and insurers get frustrating, we get going like few other legal teams can!

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