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A lawsuit in Gretna is alleging that a doctor failed to properly conduct a biopsy, thus delaying a patient’s breast cancer diagnosis. The patient claims that she went for a biopsy after a gynecologist discovered a mass in her breast, and a doctor who took a mammatome biopsy and said that there were no indications of cancer. But then six months after that test, an additional mammography showed that there was indeed cancer, a conclusion supported by another biopsy conducted by a breast cancer specialist.

The plaintiff alleges that in the first biopsy, the doctor took the biopsy from the wrong spot, and that this botched test meant her condition worsened in the months to follow. Once her true medical condition was discerned, she claims that more severe treatment was necessary than if her cancer had been caught earlier. She has had to undergo intense chemotherapy, radiation, a mastectomy, and reconstructive surgeries. She is pursuing compensation for pain and suffering, disfigurement, mental anguish, medical costs, and more.

While the sad reality is that medical errors are more common that one would want to think, not every error means that there has been malpractice. For a mistake to be malpractice, the mistake has to have been so unreasonably incompetent that a qualified doctor in similar circumstances would never have committed the same error. Sometimes these cases are highly technical, requiring the testimony of a medical expert to explain what a reasonably competent doctor would have done. In other cases, it is much more obvious that malpractice has occurred, such as if a procedure is performed on the wrong area. If you or a loved one have suffered harm from an instance of medical malpractice, you may be entitled to full compensation.

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