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Offshore accidents are a serious threat to anyone at sea. Whether those accidents happen during recreation or work activities, they often result in horrific injuries and death. When that happens, you can turn to Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers for clear answers and effective advocacy in the pursuit of compensation and justice.

For more than two decades, our 5-star Ruston offshore accident attorneys have been tireless, trusted advocates for the injured. We know what it takes to craft strong, persuasive claims, and we have represented many victims just like you, working diligently to help them secure full, fair recoveries.

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Working at height. A group of abseilers wearing red coverall and personal protective equipment (ppe) standing on the piepeline arranging their rope access with background open sea.

What Causes Most Offshore Accidents & Injuries?

The high seas are unpredictable and highly risky. Still, those who work offshore have the right to a safe working environment, regardless of whether they do their jobs on oil rigs, drilling platforms, barges, tugboats, cruise ships, or other watercraft. That means employers in the oil, gas, and maritime industries have specific obligations to train and protect their workers in order to minimize the risk of offshore accidents, injuries, and death.

Despite that, negligence causes maritime accidents far too often. When that happens, it tends to result in harmful incidents like (but not exclusive to) the following.

Explosions & Fires
Offshore workers routinely handle or come into contact with combustible, volatile substances. From drilling activities to transporting oil and natural gas, it only takes one mistake to trigger a massive explosion or uncontrollable fire offshore. Depending on the circumstances, these offshore explosions and fires can be the result of:
  • Watercraft collisions
  • Improper storage of oil or gas
  • Failure to properly train offshore workers
  • Failures to inspect or maintain pipelines, essential equipment, and/or sea vessels
  • Other forms of negligence
Burns, carbon monoxide poisoning, and other catastrophic injuries can quickly harm dozens of workers when offshore fires and explosions happen. If these accidents sink watercraft or leave workers trapped on flame-engulfed platforms, the results can be deadly.
Toxic Exposures
Flammable materials aren’t the only dangerous substances offshore workers may encounter. They may also come into contact with caustic industrial chemicals, cancer-causing asbestos, and other dangerous toxins. In some cases, it may take just one exposure to cause serious injuries; in others, routine exposure over time can result in devastating illnesses, like mesothelioma after years of asbestos exposure. Various parties can be liable for the harm caused by offshore toxic exposures. Some of these parties may include equipment manufacturers, oil and gas companies, and their contractors.
Equipment Failures
Industrial equipment may not be designed or built to operate safely. Even if it is, that equipment won’t remain safe forever; it has to be properly maintained to operate as designed. Consequently, equipment failures can result from design flaws, manufacturing mistakes, and failures to maintain. When that happens, any number of accidents and injuries can follow — including drownings, electrocutions, falling accidents, and equipment collapses. Again, manufacturers, employers, contractors, and/or others can be responsible for the harm caused by equipment-related offshore accidents.
Other Offshore Accidents
Along with fires, explosions, toxins, and dangerous equipment, failures to safely operate watercraft or any equipment aboard them can also lead to offshore accidents. Whether these accidents occur on commercial fishing boats, cruise ships, barges, or other watercraft, they can cause catastrophic injuries, like spinal cord injury or brain injury, and even death. Whenever negligence contributes to offshore accidents, the Ruston attorneys at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers will be ready to help and represent the injured. We know how to navigate the complexities of these cases and stand up to the most challenging opponents to get justice.
Working at height. A group of abseilers wearing personal protective equipment (ppe) hanging and standing on pipeline for touch up painting activities
Oil field worker at sea

Offshore Accident Statistics

Check out the most recent facts (below) about offshore accidents, injuries, and deaths to get a better idea of the real dangers workers and others face at sea (source: BSEE).

Keep in mind that these numbers underreport the true incidence of offshore incidents because authorities, like the U.S. Coast Guard, are not required to track, record, and report these accidents.

No matter what those numbers really are in the grand scheme, the only thing that matters when you or a loved one has been hurt is your recovery. That’s when you need experienced representation from a Ruston offshore accident lawyer at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers.

Do I Have an Offshore Accident Claim?

You need to answer some other questions first before you can land on a “Yes” or “No” to this question. The reason is that offshore accident claims must be filed by certain deadlines and that different laws can apply, depending on whether you were working at the time of the accident and, if so, what type of work you were performing.

Depending on those factors, you could have multiple claims. That’s why it’s best to consult an attorney who is familiar with maritime law, work injury cases, and tort claims.

When you meet with a Ruston offshore accident lawyer at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers, you can find out if you qualify to seek compensation via one or more of the following:

  • The Jones Act: This federal law, also referred to as The Merchant Marine Act of 1920, lets maritime workers sue negligent employers for offshore accidents and injuries caused by “unseaworthy” vessels. Different from a worker’s compensation case, a Jones Act claim can provide compensation for pain and suffering, as well as medical bills and lost wages.
  • The Longshore & Harbor Workers Compensation Act (LHWCA): Covering maritime workers who are not protected by the Jones Act, the LHWCA is like a special type of workers’ compensation for shipbuilders, ship repair workers, harbor workers, pier and dock workers, and longshoremen.
  • The Death on the High Seas Act (DOHSA): Surviving spouses and dependents can file DOHSA claims when unseaworthy vessels or negligence cause fatal offshore accidents in international waters. It’s important to know that these claims aren’t exclusive to work-related accidents at sea. They can also be filed after the death of non-workers, like cruise ship passengers.
  • Louisiana tort law: Product liability and/or other personal injury claims may also be filed in the aftermath of an offshore accident, depending on the circumstances involved.

Can I Lose My Job or Be Blacklisted for Suing Over Offshore Injuries?

You may have additional legal claims if you are the target of retaliation for filing a claim. In other words, it’s against the law for employers to fire you or blacklist you from being hired simply because you’re pursuing your right to get justice via an offshore accident claim.

Most oil, gas, and maritime industry employers are fully aware of this and operate within the law. Some don’t, however. That’s just another reason to make sure you have a Ruston offshore accident attorney protecting your rights when it’s time to recover.

When Should I Contact a Ruston Offshore Accident Lawyer?

ASAP. You have limited time to file a claim, and the at-fault parties could already be building a strong defense to try to avoid liability. By talking to a Ruston offshore accident attorney ASAP, you can get a trusted, experienced professional in your corner, helping you:
  • Put together a stronger case
  • Take care of the administrative work needed to keep your case moving forward
  • Communicate strategically and effectively with insurance companies and others
  • Fight for full, fair compensation, even if that means going to court to make things right
Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers offers free, no-obligation consultations, so you can get the answers you need whenever you need them. Plus, we work on contingency, so you never have to worry about paying legal fees upfront — and so you can focus on your recovery without taking on more financial hardship.

How Much Are Offshore Accident Settlements & Compensation?

Your injuries and the type of claim(s) you have can impact compensation amounts. That means that there’s no easy, quick answer here; instead, it’s necessary to analyze the facts and damages associated with a claim. This is another area where it’s in your best interests to talk to an attorney.

Broadly speaking, however, offshore accident claims can result in compensation for (but not limited to):

Your life may never be the same after an offshore accident, but fighting for justice — and making negligent parties pay — can be healing and deeply empowering. It can also help you secure the financial recovery you need to start putting your life back together.
Working at height. An abseiler wearing personal protective equipment (ppe) standing on pipeline for painting with background flare tip burning in the sky.

Talk to a Ruston Offshore Accident Lawyer Who Can Help You Now

After an accident at sea, the sooner you talk to a Ruston offshore accident attorney, the better. The team at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers is ready to provide clear answers and exceptional counsel, and we can get to work helping you today.

Known for our tireless dedication and extraordinary representation, we also provide compassionate, client-focused service, and we know how to win. That’s why we’re recognized for our diligence, integrity, and success — and why you can always count on us. Discover the difference our team can make in your case and recovery by contacting us today.

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