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Guidance from Our Shreveport Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck drivers are paid according to the amount of time it takes them to deliver their loads. It is physically strenuous and exhausting work. Driving long distances with no break can bring about a hypnotic state in a driver which limits judgment and reaction time.

When truck drivers have disrupted sleep, not enough sleep or they are prone to the hypnotic effect that long-distance driving can have, they will likely suffer the following:

  • Reaction time is severely altered as well as their judgment and vision
  • Slow to process information
  • Less alert
All of these conditions combine to make for a dangerous scenario to the driver and the people with which he shares the road. Studies have shown that a high percentage of truck drivers compared to other industries have sleep disorders. All of these factors combine to result in fatigued truck drivers, which is a very dangerous situation. There are, however, guidelines to help ensure that sleep deprivation is not an issue.

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Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

When truck drivers and their employers fail to follow the regulations laid down for safe driving by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and tragic accidents result, a personal injury attorney can aggressively sue for financial compensation for the victims. Records and logs must be kept showing compliance to FMCSA regulations. A seasoned attorney can gain access to these records immediately following a truck accident to determine liability.

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Their guidelines and regulations are designed to prevent tragic accidents caused by tired truck drivers. When proof can be found of negligence of these protocols it is possible to recover significant financial compensation for the victims of fatigued truckers.
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