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In conjunction with the Louisiana State Police, students from Tioga High School were given a step by step run through of the disasters of drunk driving accidents. State Trooper 1st Class John Dauzat claims that their mission is that the students realize the full extent of their actions and that they see the full picture rather than just the night of drinking. They want them to experience the aftermath of a decision that could change or end a life in the blink of an eye. Dauzat claims that they will be walked step by step when it comes to an accident including when the ambulance arrives on the scene, to when the police arrive there, to the hospital and the police station afterwards.

The Sudden Impact Program uses true life stories of teenagers who were involved in a drunk driving accident and the devastating effects that accident had on all involved as well as their friends and family members. Sudden Impact took the real stories of two different people who were involved in a drunk driving accident and then they took them to walk through the hospital and see what happens in an ICU and emergency care center. Another officer with the state claims that this program gives the kids a chance to witness the injuries or deaths of accidents caused by those who are under the influence, distracted behind the wheel or otherwise unable to drive the car well.

Dauzat shares that his main mission is this: to show the students that their actions don’t just affect them, but it can hurt many lives. One student who was interviewed after participating in the program said that she was shocked at how many people in Louisiana specifically are killed and injured every year by drunk driving car accidents. At this point there are more teenage drunk driving fatalities than there are adults. According to statistics, in 2009 there were 839 people who died as a result of a drunk driver. Mothers Against Drunk Driving shares that while there is a 40% decrease in deaths by DUI since the 2007 device interlock device law passed, there are still far too many people dying as a result of drunk drivers.

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